British Channel, to North Sea – West coast France, Spain, Portugal to Gibraltar

From Southampton or Dover, the Channel Islands, on to France, Honfleur and west coast Iberia, Lisbon and onto Gibraltar. This very near coastline is full of interesting gems. Take a look at how easy and close a great cruise can be.

Cruising can be so close, west coast France, Spain and Portugal.

Dover’s best kept secret – Lympne Safari Park HOTEL

Yes, as well as being an excursion for anyone, not just families. Lympne is a great stay to extend your cruise.

DOVER Cruise Port – used by over 20 cruise lines.

Historic DOVER is 66 minutes by train from London, is full of history and already gets 58 million tourists a year.

Princess Cruises from Dover – Pacific Princess takes up the Adonia routes

Princess Cruises sailings from Dover

Dover Shore Excursion – Canterbury Cathedral

Dover is a cruise port where the Fred Olsen ship Boudicca

Buckingham Palace, Brits just don’t visit their own great landmarks

According to the Daily Mirror (see article) more Brits have visited the Eiffel Tower than Buckingham Palace

Lillie Langtry, Doris Visits the sites of Lillie and King Edward VII trysts

Lilly Langtry, actress, & lover of King Edward VII – As well as presenting Doris Visits I have a one woman show; Royal Mistresses, which thanks to P&O I have played on Broadway – If you agree the definition of a Broadway show and theatre is one that is in New York and has over 500 […]

Castle Combe and Lacock Village from Bristol or Southampton

Quaint old English villages, untouched by time and used by movies such as Downton Abbey and Harry Potter. Castle Combe

Princess Cruises from Southampton

Princess cruises are still housed in the P&O building

An excursion from Portsmouth or Southampton – Isle of Wight?

If you landed in a foreign port you would investigate a island just off shore with a wonderful micro climate

Southampton by car or coach ?

Alternative Cruise Parking

London walks – Nel Gwynne’s London, the Fire of London

If you are visiting London, whether as a someone who lives here, or a tourist, the old buildings and the history of London is a wonder. The great fire of London purged the plague, and reduced the wooden capitol demanding it was rebuilt. St Pauls Cathedral was one such building. Nel Gwynne live in those […]

London walk of the Royal Family’s Trysts and Affairs

P&O used to own Nel Gwynne’s old house, gifted to her by the King. With so much press currently bouncing over recent Royal Affairs we are reminded that such dalliances are far from new. The left hand side boxes of the Drury Lane theatre are called the Kings Side, and the right hand side boxes […]


If you like cruise chat groups we have some good news.

Live at the Apollo Manuel Martinez, flies back to Britannia

We were privileged to assist Manuel Martinez at the Hammersmith Apollo

IONA steel Cutting ceremony video, they announce a second large ship to be built at Meyer Werft

The Steel Cutting is

Lady gets £50,000 bill because of in-effective cruise insurance.

Joyce Kettle, 74, a great grandmother

Funny Tucker, from Barry Manilow, to Gladys Knight to Eastbourne panto to ship to ship.

One of our favourite comedians, Funny Tucker is found, if you are lucky on the bigger ships.

New England YouTube Channel – inc Canada to New York to Charleston to Bermuda

What a great Playlist!


This is an interesting coast of France, very different from the south of France. It has many WWII sites and many memories. It is often better known to booze cruisers and weekenders as they pop over, have mussels and chips and stock up with wine. But for cruisers, this section of cruising, takes us from the UK south. The Bay of Biscay (other wise known as the Golfe de Gascogne in Francemakes many a cruise smile, and check they have packed their sea sickness bands. It starts in France and rounds to Spain, joining the Channel (via the Celtic Sea) with the North Atlantic Ocean and down to Spain’s Cantabrian Sea.


Just wanted to say Happy Halloween.

Tours available in Lorient

As always tours and their description show what the locals are proud of and wish to show.

Tours available in Bordeaux

Tours and their description show what the locals are proud of and wish to show.

Bordeaux is famous for ……

One of the world’s wine capitals is so close

This area has been inhabited since the old stone age, or Middle Palaeolithic period, which broadly means dating back to 300,000 years ago. It has subsequently changed hands with whatever roving power including the Romans. From Basque Spain, through the autonomous community of Asturias to Galicia which borders Portugal. Historic sites, major maritime and fishing history, and wine.


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Just wanted to say Happy Halloween.

La Coruna Guide – discover a cruise port near home

La Coruna is an increasingly popular staging post for ships leaving the UK on the way to the Mediterranean, West Africa or the Canary Islands. Transatlantic Quay is the closest European port to New York and sits on the northwestern tip of the Iberian Peninsular. It is used by many cruise lines including P&O, Marella, […]

Tours available in La Coruna

Tours and their description show what the locals are proud of and wish to show.


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Seville – Oranges and Opera or Muslims and Christians

Seville is about the same distance from CADIZ as it is HUELVA, two very

Museo del Titere – The Puppet Master of CADIZ – Francisco Peralta

This is the hidden gem of Cadiz.

Cadiz Guide

Cadiz does deserve the label historic Cadiz, because Cadiz dates back to the 12th century BC

Tours available in Cadiz

Tours and their description show what the locals are proud of and wish to show.

It is one of the oldest and certainly the westernmost sovereign state of mainland Europe, almost all of it sitting on the Iberian Peninsula in southwestern Europe. It’s important position means it has been fought over since pre-historic times. There is much opportunity to see historic sites all along this coast. Lisbon being the number one stop, is built on seven hills, but so cruiser heavy the locals are sometimes a little miffed they can’t get on a tram. See the various posts and films for what to see. The daily transport ticket is often the best deal in town.

BRIEF: Known both as Oporto and Porto, it is Portugal’s second largest city.


SHIPS HERE inc: Neue Mein Schiff 2, AIDAPerla, Silver Wind, mv Aegean Odyssey, Oceana Riviera


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  • BRIEF: Lisbon. Major City. Fishing is a main activity here.
  • CURRENCY: Euro
  • LANGUAGE/PHRASES: Portugese. English spoken
  • VISA: Entry with cruise card.

Tours available in Lisbon

Tours and their description show what the locals are proud of and wish to show.

Lisbon, Jean reports for Doris Visits on the tail end of a Canary Islands Cruise

Lisbon is the richest region of Portugal

LISBON – best two deals in town

There is no doubt what the best two deals in Lisbon are.


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Royal Palace of Queluz, easy trip from the port of Lisbon. ‘Great Film’ (P&O Ventura)

Elizabeth and David take a trip just outside Lisbon to one of the greatest Rococo buildings in Europe,

  • BRIEF: Fishing is a main activity here.Artistes and writers as well as beach lovers flock to Praia da Rocha.
  • CURRENCY: Euro
  • LANGUAGE/PHRASES: Portugese. English spoken
  • VISA: Entry with cruise card.
  • SHIPS SEEN HERE REGULARLY: Seabourn Encore, Marella Discovery 2.


Just wanted to say Happy Halloween.


Just wanted to say Happy Halloween.

Gibraltar. Free Glass Blowing demonstration.

Whilst many cruisers rush off to

Eating out in Spain, La Cabana in Sotogrande

Sotogrande is not far from Gibraltar and worth a thought

Sotogrande and Torreguadiaro are the Beverly Hills of the Costa del Sol

Owned by the rich sherry producers

Duquesa, Sabinillas, La Castillo on the Costa Del Sol

All of these villages


Just wanted to say Happy Halloween.

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