Doris Visits is a passenger lead cruise resource run by ex TV and movie makers Stuart St Paul and Jean Heard. It has four basic arms and exists with our fellow cruisers help.

  1. The web resource, here, growing.
  2. The chat sites and Facebook Page.
  3. Our Cruise Port YouTube channel.
  4. Our cruise crime thrillers, that are just like being on a cruise, and we hope will get a TV deal.

Our video destination guides or ships details and destinations are normally YouTube films. Here we sometimes direct to other filmmakers videos if we have never been there.

If you wish to add anything, join us in any way, then please contact us. If you have tips to share please join the chat. All listed in menus here, along with the chat site rules, and we are a no moaning site.

To contact us either DM via Facebook, or email

[email protected]

We are natively London based.

Jean Heard can be booked via Jennie Storr at the Speaker’s Agency.

Stuart St Paul can be booked via Isabelle Lee at The Champions Agency.