Essential packing for a cruise

Another cruise ship comedian,

Money back if you don’t like the cruise – the offer appears again

This time the offer is from Fred Olsen in the form of an enjoyment promise. If you have been watching #TheCruise

CRUISE ROUTE – Canary Islands

Most Canary Island Cruises will follow this typical route, though Fred Olsen ships do take in the Moroccan coast. I have always wanted to see Rick’s bar in Casablanca.

TAKING YOUR OWN DRINKS ON BOARD – and prices on board

We often see passengers shock, anger and disappointment

First Cruise? New cruiser? What ship? Where to go? Dress Code?

This also explains fly-cruise into Barbados? 

The True Cost of Cruising – Tips & Tipping, Tours, Drinks, Fine Dining

You can go on a cruise and enjoy just what was in the ticket price,

Cruises that explore can be hard on the feet. What to pack (2)?

Remember the disco song, ‘Dance yourself Dizzy’. Some cruises have you ‘walk til dizzy’.

Lady gets £50,000 bill for airlift because of in-effective insurance. And renew your EHIcard if out of date.

Joyce Kettle, 74, a great grandmother

P&O AZURA – Moves to homeport to Valletta for the Greek Islands & Croatia

A Doris Visits tool to see all AZURA Future Cruises on one page

Living permanently on a cruise ship

Say NO to the retirement home. There are people who live permanently

Is Birmingham is London’s best Airport – Fly-cruise is the future.

When you finish your transit flight, your bags

Marriage at sea, But huge disaster for same sex marriage at sea

  Disaster, read before you book your wedding, please read.

Cruise Tip – Laundry, Ironing and the ship’s Tailor!

Whether you are on a long cruise

Cruise Chat, Cruise Chat sites are a knowledge base -here is where to find them

Doris Visits has about 50 chat sites, Scroll down to find your favourite ship or cruise line

CRUISING while Pregnant

Is dependent on three things 

Dress Code & Cruising – live and let live (within the CONTRACTUAL rules)

Cruising is about dressing up for most people, but you can dress down


CRUISING insurance with TUI Marella.