Fred. Olsen ships are smaller and more personal, and while they are considering new ships on the drawing board they are definite that image will be continued. On these ships you will soon get to know the crew and your fellow guests and feel right at home, which is why we encourage you to join the communities and stay in touch. Please let us know of your videos of these ships so we can share.

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What is a world cruise? Is it something very special?

For many a world cruise is a dream, an ambition

Zambezi African Queen like Sunset River Cruise one of the best ever river trips

The African Queen is great cruise, but we rafted down the white water as well

Arabian Cruise Destinations YouTube Channel – from shopping in Dubai to…..

  Arabia has opened up to cruising, and it is a great way to go shopping in Dubai.

Canary Islands, Madeira and West Africa Cruise YouTube Channel

The Iberia Cruise YouTube Playlist. Leave it running

HONNINGSVAG, Norway – overview from the air by DRONE

The Fred Olsen ship Balmoral in the Honningsvag Fjord.

Balmoral, Fred Olsen Cruise lines

Balmoral is the largest ship of the Fred Olsen fleet, but it still only takes 1350 guests.

Balmoral, Fred Olsen ship sails gracefully out of the Tyne

It is nice to know exactly what your ship, or floating hotel will look like

Rio Carnival – the bucket list lifetime party

The Rio Carnival has to be one of the worlds most famous events.

Aabenraa, Denmark – a Baltic cruise stop used by Fred Olsen

A Fjord in the Baltic, Aabenraa in Denmark is a tiny port that only the Braemar goes into.

OSLOFJORD – The style and Cuisine that is Fred. Olsen – started in a Fjord

Fred. Olsen started in this Fjord, at the start of the Baltic cruise. They take immense pride in their boutique fleet of smaller-scaled vessels

Braemar in Eidfjord

Wild life videographer Paul Dining from Cornwall was in the Fjords on the Braemar,

MS BOLETTE – New Fred Olsen ship

The new Fred Olsen flagship is named after Fred Olsen Jnrs great-great-Grandmother.

MS BOREALIS – Fred Olsen

The MS Borealis is now a Fred Olsen ship, and the Olsen’s used