These are both said to be the most wonderful ships afloat, the award winning Europa and Europa 2 are the only two ships of this huge shipping company’s cruise business. You will see Hapag Lloyd containers in every dock, this company knows the sea!

Previously part of TUI, that all changed in a turbulent year, 2017. TUI sold all its shares in the 170-year old shipping companies cruise arm; TUI AG, the tourism company to which Hapag-Lloyd belonged between the late 1990s and March 2009, completely divested itself of its remaining shares in the liner shipping company. The last 8.5 million shares were sold to other investors for €244.4 million. Since late March 2017, approximately 6 million Hapag-Lloyd shares changed hands in transactions that brought TUI an additional €162.3 million.

It is not clear exactly who the new shareholders are who now collectively own the 7.9 percent share in Hapag-Lloyd that TUI recently had. However, the shares might have gone into the pool of free float shares. This pool contains all the shareholders who own a share of less than 5 percent in the company. TUI (when still named Preussag AG) only purchased Hapag-Lloyd for the tourism-related lines of business and holdings.



Just wanted to say Happy Halloween.


If you like sports or if there is a big event on like the world cup, the ship will show the event somewhere. If the event is big enough, everywhere.

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An Ideal Present for a cruiser – a useful toy – the squeezable Globe Ball

Keeping your hands subtle

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