NORWEGIAN CRUISE LINE or NCL has been a cruise operator since 1966 and has a history of being used by many British cruisers who enjoy a more relaxed approached to cruising and want to party harder. On most occasions smart jeans are allowed in restaurant with a collared shirt for men and a smart top for women. There may be more smoking areas. They win awards for their party, disco and adult beach evening entertainment areas. The larger ships are entertainment plus with aqua parks. It is an American-Bermudian company based in Miami-Dade County, Florida. We have included them and they can be booked via our links to Thomas Cook. The knowledge base of their ships comes from you the user, so please join the community and share.

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NCL - Norwegian Cruise Line

Epic Class is a development of the Jewel Class but much bigger. 329 meters long and 40 meters wide.

326 meters long, 41.5 / 44.5 meters wide, 164,000GT she holds approx 4,000 guests with 1730 crew and travels at 21.5 knots.

A development of the Dawn Class, the Jewel Class is a Paramax ship with four ships in class, all 294 meters long, 15 decks, width (beam) 32.2 meters holding between 2,370 and 2,660 guests with 1,500 crew and can sail at  25 knots. The Epic Class is the redesign going forward.

Libra Class Cruise Ships, 292 meters long, beam 32 meters wide, 15 decks, 25 knots speed, 2340 guests, 1032 crew.

Libra Class Cruise Ships, 294 meters long, beam 38 meters wide, 15 decks, 24 knots speed, 2340 guests, 1032 crew.

Although similar in size to the other Sun Class operated by other cruise lines, this ship differs too much to be grouped together. The cabins are within the hull. The NCL Sun came into service in 2001 having been built at  the Lloyd Werft shipyard in Bremerhaven, Germany. She is 25m meters long and holds between 1,900 passengers and 2,400, with around 900 crew. She can sail at 23 knots.