OCEANIA CRUISES – Operate luxury cruises which constantly ask – what can they do better. They have smaller ships with a high crew to guest ratio, and they will not be the cheapest ship on the sea. This is style and luxury. The guest staff ratio on all the R class ships is 1 to 1.71. Amazing!


These are hugely popular and sought after ships. Eight were made, they are all very similar and all hold 684 guests. Known as Renaissance Class ships, because they were made for Renaissance Cruises. However they are actually R-Class ships, and they were called one to eight. For example R 3 is the Pacific Princess as we know her now. Renaissance was a company in Oslo, competing with Fred Olsen. Founded in 1989 it was family owned by Fearnley & Eger Rederi. These ships are all 181 meters long, have a GT of 30,277GT and travel at 18 knots.

  1. R One – Oceania Insignia (1998)
  2. R Two – Oceania Regatta (1998)
  3. R Three – Pacific Princess (1999)
  4. R Four – Oceania Sirena (1999)
  5. R Five – Oceania Nautica (2000)
  6. R Six – Azamara Journey (2000)
  7. R Seven – Azamara Quest (2000)
  8. R Eight – Azamara Pursuit (2001)

Oceana Class ships are 238 meters long, a small ship. Holding 1,252 guest and 780 crew the ships weigh 66,000GT and travel at 20 knots. They were built at at Fincantieri’s Sestri Ponente yards in Italy. They were then called mid size ships. Now they are most definitely small ships.

  1. Marina (2010)
  2. Riviera (2012)

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