23. PONANT CRUISES (Compangie du Ponant)

In just eight years this company has found a market and grown to twelve of the same type of ship. Small luxurious yachts that are built on an intimate, human scale. They have a French crew of whom most speak English. Their attentive service is what one would expect from the best hotels or restaurants. As you might expect, the best chefs and French gastronomy. They invite you to sail in a five-star environment and enjoy a travel experience they ensure is simultaneously authentic and sophisticated. Founded in April 1988 by Philippe Videau, Jean-Emmanuel Sauvé, and other officers of the French Merchant Navy each ship is named after a famous French seafaring explorer.

Ponant Cruises

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Le Champlain is the second ship of the Ponant Explorers-class of cruise ships operated by Ponant. Each member of the class has been allocated the name of a famous French explorer, and Le Champlain is named after Samuel de Champlain, “The Father of New France”

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