Some cruise operators impress their style on a selection of different ships. Not Viking. Viking have built new identical ships and that is their style. They are all called the ‘Small Cruise Ship’ style, which might mean they indent to have a medium and large style late, but for now, they are all the same small ships.

Viking, known for river cruising and know a lot about cruising and guests. Their new ocean going fleet of new, a wide choice of all-veranda, state-of-the-art smaller ships. Each identical elegant sister ship carries only 930 guests in a modern Scandinavian design and is deliberately of a size that allows direct access into many eclectic and exotic ports that larger ships cannot enter. They offer inclusive cruising which includes many complimentary amenities and services; shore excursions, transfers, Wi-Fi, wine and beer (at lunches and dinners), access to Nordic Spa (steam room, thalassotherapy pool, hot tub, snow room / grotto, sauna, cold plunge pool).

The ships are efficient with energy-saving hybrid engines (diesel generators and gas turbines), as well as solar panels installed on the magradome pool cover to harness energy. The hulls and bulbous bows are designed for max fuel efficiency. They also have the latest maritime navigation safety systems, including “safe return to port”.

A comedian in a larger shipped berthed along side referred to it as a little river cruiser that must have got lost, but he is wrong, they are far from lost. They more a David to that Goliath and offering a special service that is their style. But they don’t really do comedians. Sharon Bird on our Viking chat site reported that ‘There isn’t a lot of entertainment on board day or evening and some of it is very upscale (like a film of the Metropolitan Opera singing Aida one night) so many passengers play games etc.’


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