10 Amazing Cruise Ships compared

We compare 10 amazing but very different cruise ships. For a feast of reasons it shows that you need to choose which ship(s) you travel on. We like them all, we like to vary the ship we use. Some use the same ship every time they cruise.

Technically a small ship is under 1000 guests. Viking and SAGA design their ships to come in just under that number. However, the classic small ships are the likes of the R Class ships, Adonia, now the Pursuit and her sisters. Fred Olsen ships can be called small, because at just over 1000 they are in this market. What once was considered large, like the Grand Class ships, Azura and Ventura and now medium sized ships. As NCL role out the VIVA and we see the Iona and Arvia being uber successful, large ship can only mean BIGGER.

So, what is the difference … one could argue the only way a cruise line that sells on board is able to up their profit is to sell more, be better, offer more. The only way an all inclusive ship can make more profit is to give less. Who knows, that is what a chat site is for. Our chat groups are listed on the front main page.

Beware the expert who only ever travels on one ship. We have many knowledgable and honest people on our group who all love their ships and will tell you what they like about them.

Sure, big ships are crowded, but they have more. If you don’t need a dozen restaurants and a waterslide with a seemingly deathly drop… then, now you are seeing the difference. If it is just your two week holiday a year, have a look around Doris Visits, watch the films, ask on the groups, but please match up with a great experience.

Jean and I are both guest entertainers, so we travel all the ships and we have the places we love on all of them.

Your hosts Jean Heard and Stuart St Paul appear regularly on cruise ships. They are often asked how you become a guest speaker or craft organiser, so here is some help. Also see the Working At Sea section.