50 days on the Oriana’s Caribbean & Amazon Adventure

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World cruise? If 4 months is too long then is the shorter 45 days tempting? The Oriana on the Caribbean and American Discovery back in 2018, fighting the autumn weather here in the UK is a typical 49 / 50-day cruise. A long cruise is such an experience. If you have done a short cruise surely leaving the ship has been hard; having got used to leaving your towels on the floor and going down to choose what you want from the terrific menu, surely you wish you could stay. A world cruise, like the one we featured in our P&O Arcadia’s wonderful Polynesian & Asian Adventure is 114 days. That is nearly 4 months and is quite a commitment, but the sea crossings don’t get feel long, the holiday just gets better. As they say, you are only on this earth once and it is not a rehearsal. …. or you could leave you money in the bank – I don’t think so! The P&O ship Oriana has never been on our rotation, however, I was just writing a blog on the Mexican port of Progreso and the trip to Chichen Itza, the Mayan and I discovered what a wonderful cruise the Oriana offers. Some of my favourite ports like Key West (Jean’s film available) which is often hard to find on a trip, and places on my bucket list like New Orleans. Oriana leaves on a Caribbean and American Discovery on the 6th January 2018, a fifty-night cruise, which takes in these ports. Take a look at all the amazing details now.

  1. Madeira, Portugal (Doris Visits has  3 great films)
  2. Antigua (Doris Visits film available)
  3. St. Maarten, Leeward Islands (Doris Visits film available)
  4. Tortola, British Virgin Islands (2 Doris Visits films available)
  5. St Lucia, Windward Islands (2 Doris Visits films available)
  6. Barbados, two very good films from Jean.
  7. Grenada, Windward Islands
  8. Curacao, Dutch Antilles
  9. Aruba, Dutch Antilles
  10. Cartagena – Columbia
  11. Colon, Panama
  12. Roatan – Honduras
  13. Belize, Mexico
  14. Cozumel, Mexico
  15. Progreso, Mexico
  16. New Orleans
  17. Key West – USA (Doris favourite, film available)
  18. Miami (Doris Visits film available)
  19. Canaveral (Doris Visits film available)
  20. Charleston – South Carolina
  21. Bermuda

As always we suggest you check the itinerary, book direct with the cruise operator, click here to the link. Especially on a long cruise you want to be direct with P&O. Please click through from our link, we appreciate they know we sent you so we continue to make the films you get to see before you cruise the sea. Click below to see it.

2018 – The Oriana leaves on a Caribbean and American Discovery on the 6th January 2018

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ANSWER: Check with your insurance company and lawyer before you travel, but it appears all the companies say no travel.

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