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The thrilling series of CSCI is played out in parts, read as an audiobook to mute video of cruise ship tours and port guides. It makes for a fantastic bedtime story or coffee break. Pop in and out whenever you want.

By the end of 2022, we had loaded over fifty parts. The available story is well into the second book, Cruise Ship Serial Killer. CSCI loads one new part every Monday Night at 8 pm. Make a date.

If we hit one a week, then we will have loaded the second book by the end of 2023, and be well into the third book on human trafficking using three cruise ships in the Mediterranean.

If you have yet to jump in, then start with the first segment. It is the very start of the first book, chapters 1 & 2 of Cruise Ship Heist, which explains how an innocent man arrives in South America to join a cruise and becomes tricked into a major crime. It plays out to a mute tour of the only Ocean Liner left at sea, the wonderful Queen Mary 2. Not a bad start for any thrilling story.

book 1 – all live on YouTube – see below.

In this novel, Cruise Ship Heist, Commander Kieron Philips’s first civilian job is to commentate on the Panama Canal transit by a cruise ship. He lands in Costa Rica after his dates have been changed and his route has been altered.

His sponsored refugee ‘daughter’ is working as a dancer on this ship and it is her first professional engagement. She wants him to find romance, but he is not easy with women. Also, his highly tuned instincts uncover a serious crime. He can’t avoid being involved as money appears and people go missing.

Kieron was for many years a deep behind-the-lines special forces operative. He has more than five senses. They are all firing as he starts to question whether he is working with people he can trust. Is he on the right side? Is he being played? This was meant to be a holiday.

With no idea whom to trust and no protective kit, he finds himself in a battle to keep millions of dollars safe on the ship. But, after a career serving his country with no family to make him vulnerable, he now has skin in the game: Auli’i, who calls him dad. Nothing should put her at risk.

However, as the deathly game escalates, he begins to suspect his presence on the ship is not just a coincidence. How can that be? Auli’i arranged his visit.

Get to know Kieron Philips. We had Tom Hanks in mind when we started writing, but there is a list of great British actors now kicked around as suggestions for the role.

Cruise Ship Heist is the first in a series of six novels and is available as a series read on YouTube, listed here. As an Audiobook, in the Kindle Library or as a paperback via Amazon.

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HMS MURDER – The Good Ship Murder

HMS Murder is the working title of a new TV show for Channel 5 and Paramount+ is set on a cruise ship and shot in Malta.

CSCI Cruise Ship Crime Investigators – CRUISE SHIP HEIST – Parts 1 to 44

How would you smuggle money onto a cruise ship? Getting alcohol on is hard enough.

CSCI – SERIAL KILLER – Listen free on YouTube. Or Book, Kindle & Audiobook 4sale on Amazon

Parts 45-83 of CSCI; SERIAL KILLER is set on the Pacific section of a world cruise.

Cruise Traffic – Human Laundry is book 3 in the CSCI Cruise Ship Crime Investigators series.

Parts 84 on, Cruise Traffic is a job that turns nasty very quickly for CSCI.


Art is a huge feature onboard ship. Open to theft.

CSCI book 5 – Disastrous Cruise Romance

Regular cruise ship guest, celebrity stuntman, director, and author Stuart St Paul has appeared in three James Bond and was the Queen Alien in James Cameron’s hit movie.

Blood Diamonds – how to take a cruise without stepping on a ship.

The latest fast-paced cruise thriller in the series of Cruise Ship Crime Investigators novels is Blood Diamonds.

There are six other CSCI titles with notes and research beside them, but the time has never been found to further the ideas. The expansion of the Doris Visits website and the chat sites can be blamed for taking a prime position. However, as one of the books is being developed as a possible film (and that can take years), a new title has been rushed to the top as a new strange project. Who knows what will happen in 2023… the year before us as we write this. I can tell you, not even us.

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