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The new 2nd Edition or Cruise Ship Heist and the season 1 Teleplays are released on the 26th August, 2023

CSCI    Cruise Ship Crime Investigators

2bd Edition - Cruise Ship Heist
Now out for reviews, the 2nd Edition of Cruise Ship Heist is released on the 26th of August 2023

The thrilling crime series set at sea, CSCI is played out in six novels. Every writer hopes they are noticed, picked up and walked towards the TV or film screen. That means development and improvement and a better product. Cruise Ship Heist was the first to have a major overhaul and has now had a draft of the TV series written.

The second edition of Cruise Ship Heist went out for reviews at the start of 2023 and the release of the book is planned for 26th August 2023.

The CSCI brand for the series now features on the new second-edition book covers. When the first book was written, the series did not exist. It was just an idea. Now, it is a reality.

So many readers have said that they don’t normally read crime, but they could not put them down. August will be the time to start with the new Cruise Ship Heist.


CSCI review – SAGA Chat Group


The official review from American is in the sidebar. It is a glowing 5-star review. We encourage you all to review the new 2nd Edition after you have read it.

CSCI the series is now being developed with a partner. As the books change and are improved and the TV series is written, the covers change. The CSCI logo is being used as the books are updated and the new cover with the CSCI logo at the top shows the start of the official second drafts. We thank you for all your support and the great reviews.


Get to know Kieron Philips. We had Tom Hanks in mind when we started writing, but there is a list of great British actors now kicked around as suggestions for the role.

On Amazon. Paperback, large print hardback, Kindle, and Audiobook.

6 cruise thrillers for under £10

For our cruise followers, we offer a deal that is hard to beat. 6 CSCI cruise novels for under £10.

Award win in Los Angeles for Cruise Ship Heist

CSCI wins in Los Angeles 2023.

CRUISE SHIP HEIST tops Amazon book charts

How would you smuggle millions onto a cruise ship?

CSCI – SERIAL KILLER – Listen free on YouTube. Or Book, Kindle & Audiobook 4sale on Amazon

Parts 45-83 of CSCI; SERIAL KILLER is set on the Pacific section of a world cruise.

Cruise Traffic – Human Laundry is book 3 in the CSCI Cruise Ship Crime Investigators series.

Parts 84 on, Cruise Traffic is a job that turns nasty very quickly for CSCI.


Art is a huge feature onboard ship. Open to theft.

CSCI book 5 – Disastrous Cruise Romance

Regular cruise ship guest, celebrity stuntman, director, and author Stuart St Paul has appeared in three James Bond films and was the Queen Alien in James Cameron’s hit movie.

Blood Diamonds – how to take a cruise without stepping on a ship.

The latest fast-paced cruise thriller in the series of Cruise Ship Crime Investigators novels is Blood Diamonds.

There are six further CSCI titles muted with notes and research beside them, which would make twelve. However, the time has yet to be scheduled to further the ideas. Stuart St Paul is keen to ensure that now the series exists, and the characters are known the books all run correctly and the series has continuity. He claims it is his retirement project and it will no doubt see him out.

The expansion of the Doris Visits website and the chat sites can also take some blame for taking time, but, both Stuart and Jean love cruising.

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