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Stuart St Paul

It is difficult not to have seen more than just a little of Celebrity Stuntman and Award-Winning Movie Director Stuart St Paul‘s work. His shows are regularly on all the majors from HBO, Netflix, and Prime, to broadcasters like the BBC and ITV and now his own YouTube Channel Doris Visits with nearly 3 million views.

He went from UBN to the back room at Radio 1 but left there as he was offered the Breakfast Show on Metro Radio. He then went to Radio Orwell to take over the Steve Wright show as Steve moved to Radio 1. He was then offered the plum job as the TV DJ ‘Dave Farrell’ on the twice-weekly soap Radio Phoenix. That was it, video killed the radio star and Stuart went from radio to TV, to film, and now is a novelist who almost left music behind.

Stuart fast tracked through stunts and action with some iconic performances, like playing the Queen Alien for James Cameron. He did three Bond films, was in the original Batman, Superman, and Robin Hood, but was always looking to create his own material.

He became a screenwriter while a producer Jim Beach’s Fugitive Films based in offices at the Queen warehouse. While there he was a producer on The Krays and set up his own projects. His first screenplay sold straight into Hollywood and he eventually won the title of Best Director in the USA as well as awards around the globe.

He stayed on as action advisor on many hit shows. The continuing ITV drama Emmerdale used him to help design the plane crash in 1993 and then retained him for another 26 years. He was so much a part of the bricks and mortar there they had him present a number of the ITV 2 behind-the-scenes shows. IMDB list hundreds of major films and TV shows he has been involved with.

His TV appearances have been many including being interviewed by the likes of Emma Bunting on Too Much TV. He is a regular after dinner speaker on land and around the world on cruise ships. Now he has a cruise crime book series … he is a cruiser.

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He lives with his wife of over 40 years, actress Jean Heard, in North London, and they are parents to business entrepreneur Luke Aikman and actress Laura Aikman who has recently played Dyan Cannon. All have had film careers.

Stuart now writes the cruise crime series, CSCI. He was already an award winning screenplay writer. He helped rewrite many films and shows and has had some of his own films and screenplays made. Previous TV series he has penned have been optioned into the broadcasting network, and been near misses like Smith and Patel optioned by the BBC under Peter Cregeen, but CSCI looks to be a future series to sail onto the screen.

CSCI has many official 5 star reviews, many fans amongst the millions of cruisers, and Cruise Ship Heist has topped a few Amazon charts on numerous occasions.

The best way to purchase the series is in the first box set of six novels. The combined price is a deal that any of the other deals together cannot match and it includes bonus scenes and the first TV episode draft.

Stuart started to write the first book as therapy and to keep in touch with the industry while awaiting brain surgery after being blown up on a film set in Hungary. He was standing by a camera 25 meters away from the action.


Stuart St Paul is a regular guest speaker at guilds and functions, and at sea on cruise ships. He is part of the Cunard Insights Program and will be on both the QM2 and Queen Anne in 2024. Stuart’s next Viking ship will be the Viking Sky. He is a regular on P&O ships and will be on the Azura and others in the coming year.

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Movie maker Stuart St Paul first worked on the cruise ships as an evening after-dinner speaker. He has now been a guest on over 30 cruises.

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Cruise Ship Murder Reunion and Oil Stops Christmas will be released in 2024.