Where is my luggage?

We don’t often rave about a product even if we like it; it is not really what we do, and sales can be a full-time job and we have retired – gone cruising as the sign says!

However, we do try and help cruisers. Here we have two in one – a product that amuses us and is helpful. How often have you stood at the carousel at an airport and wondered if your bags made it, of in the warehouse at a cruise termination? Now we just look at our smartphones because we use an air tag. There are various kinds around, and not that we are Apple fans, but we both have apple phones, and we can find each other by Find My Phone, meaning, find my partner. We also have a tag in each case, so, Find My Device tells me where the bags are.

These little tags can even be put into the ski suit of a child you send off to ski school, or anything you might wish to track. If you approach something with a tag in, or someone drops a tag into your pocket, your own phone will tell you that you have a tag – it will say, there is an air tag near you and the owner of the tag knows where the tag is.

The people who hate to lose their luggage the most are the magicians as it often means their show has not travelled with them. Comedians, singers, and guest lecturers, who all fly from port to port and ship to ship, can normally manage. We have had the airline forget our luggage many times and the worst for us was Venice because the next stop was Zadar which the airline’s handler does not service, so we had to meet our luggage in Dubrovnik. We could at least track our luggage.

Just standing in the airport knowing your bag has arrived is a warm feeling. When we are not on holiday, the tags go on our keys. Communication has moved on in leaps and bounds, and being in contact with your stuff is something the next generation will grow up with and they will expect to know where all their items are, just as they won’t understand a time when we did not have a telephone or had a phone and left it at home (landline).

What other devices are handy… we shout about very few. The wristbands are something we always pack. It is not often we get seasick now, but it can happen to the most seasoned seafarer, and we have both found them to help.

These have now gone technical for those who love a gadget. We have not tried these, so can only show you the advertising.

The product claims FDA (American Food and Drugs body) approval (but then so have some not-so-good items may have in the past.) The device says it provides physical therapy based on electrical stimulation to relieve nausea, retching, and vomiting due to motion sickness and morning sickness associated with pregnancy (not that you can cruise when pregnant).

There is a new techno version of the wristband – which we have not tried, so can only show you the advertising for the product.

The large cruise luggage holders are necessary for cases when cruising, whoever you cruise with, and however you travel. We have a number of these and slip our travel labels inside.

They are almost a must and there are various versions to choose from, we are not saying one is better than the other.

Finally, take a book. Our book. Or if you like to listen, the audiobook. Or, if you want to listen for free, download the YouTube book which is in 10-minute sections. We prescribe one a night, so if on a 20-night cruise, download twenty and use them as ‘a cruise book @ bedtime’ The first two books are on YouTube and provide about 20 hours of audio entertainment.  Just click on any of the pictures to go through and look at a selection of the products. None of which we are paid to endorse, but we are as writers and authors Amazon partners and our books sell through Amazon which may offer us a small commission – small is an understatement.

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