Amazing Cruise Ports

Inspired by chat on the cruise chat groups, these compilations of Jean’s fun clips at amazing cruise ports are meant to excite, inspire, and have you dream of holidays future and remember holidays past. Each compilation film has around 50 clips of ports.

The first one features ports from North Northway in snow, to Rio in Brazil. It jumps wide to Dubai and across to Hawaii. It features Fiji, London, Hamburg, and Stockholm. The fun is, there is no logic. Just cruise fun.

Each of the films shown has a filmed guide. Just click ports in the menu above where we show maps and weather. If you want to go straight to the YouTube playlists here are the buttons. These list ports that are normally visited on a cruise going to that area.

Caribbean Ports 

Baltic Ports 

Cruise the Fjords 

West Med Ports

Adriatic Ports (mid Med)

East Med Ports

PODCAST – Jean & Stuart talk cruises, cruisers and with those who work on the cruise ships. 

PODCAST – The five-star reviewed crime mystery CSCI as a complete audiobook – books 1 & 2.

Canary Islands Ports 

East Coast USA Ports 

Cruise Arabia, Dubai, Middle East 

Pacific Ocean, Polynesia and Hawaii cruise ports 

There are more areas in playlists on YouTube but the best way to find a port is the menu here for all ports.