Amber Cove is a purpose built cruise resort built by Carnival

Currently on the Azura Caribbean cruise, Amber Cove a joy to visit. You can either go into town, or relax in the resort. After a number of other Caribbean resorts where you are hassled from the moment you step on shore, from taxis to hawkers, this was a peaceful experience. The resort is an enclosed area where you could leave your money on the ship because the walk, window shopping, the atmosphere, the sun beds the pools and the water slides and pool side games are all free. As an additional extra, you can do most water sports, a zip line or hire a cabana. Eating and drinking is also at an additional cost but no one is twisting your arm to do these and the ship is just a stroll away. If you want to see the local history, the people and town then this is just a resort. If you want a beach you will also have to leave the resort, all beaches in Dom Rep are public so the adjacent beach cannot become part of the resort without a lot more negotiating on the part of the owners. To get to the beach walk out of the resort, turn left and walk for about 20 minutes. To go into town, Puerto Plata, the cheapest we got a taxi was still more expensive than the transfer offered by the ship and he had is in and out as quick as he could – other film.


Here we show you Amber Cove the resort, what you can expect and what the family might enjoy. If you do want a cabana on stilts, they are likely to sell out and even with just our ship in, and they can take two ships a day, so book on ship before you arrive. The one thing I would have thought they could have done was to make the cruise card a usable currency, especially as the resort is owned by Carnival. Me thinks they would take a lot more money and make it easier for the guest.

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Obviously the others do not go here as it is owned by Carnival

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