NOVEL – AMERICAN PORTRAIT (bk3) – Violet joins a ship in the Caribbean and meets John,a painter

Violet finds her being promoted to the marketing department of a cruise company. Sexual Romance for Adults only.

Violet is now working as deputy head of a department that never existed until she developed it. The head is the wife of a board member of the company who she finds hard to take seriously. However, her husband the board member understands the business a lot more. She joins the ship in Florida and follows it out to the Caribbean, where marketing angles for cruising are once again turned upside down.


The third in the trilogy of Violet’s story in the Solo Cruiser book series from Sally Katz. This is our favourite book of the three and it is full of twists and turns again. Having met Violet in the first two books you know she has overcome a very dark past to get where she is and she hopes from now on will be plain sailing. However, dark can get darker and seas can be stormy. Violet may be looking for a long term romance, she may be trying to avoid conflict, but life is not that simple, not even for those who live at sea. In this book, Violet flies to Canaveral to meet a ship in her first ever Caribbean season. She meets John a painter.  John’s painting class turns into a competition on board, but it is not the only competition and the stakes are high. 

SHIPS & CHAT – Read a cruise novel, share with the community for your cruise operator or ship. You will find them here + share  – clickSally Katz used the Doris Visits films on the ports to research this trilogy as she is a land-based cruise journalist. We met her when she asked for permission to use the material and she has been a friend of Doris Visits ever since. Doris Visits featured books all happen on cruises. They are books that supplement a cruise. Sally Katz writes adult fiction. These books have featured in the Amazon charts.


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