AMORGOS – THE BIG BLUE shot in the most beautiful Greek Island

It is said to be the most beautiful of the Greek Islands. It was the setting of the movie The Big Blue which starred our good friend Jean-Marc Barr who played Matthais Singer for me in my (Stuart St Paul) Thomas Hardy romantic movie, The Scarlet Tunic. It is a picture to live in that you get lost exploring. However, you will probably climb to the monastery of Hozoviotissa. It is built into the cliff face 300 metres above the sea. The building is 8 storeys high but only five metres deep. The narrow building makes for small rooms and a stairway to the chapel only the small might manage.

Azamara and Star Clippers are regular visitors here.

Above is the film made in Amorgos starring Jean-marc, to the right he is with Emma Fielding in Stuart’s The Scarlet Tunic. Stuart’s mystery cruise thrillers can be found on his Amazon CV page.

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