Antigua, Doris Visits the island in the Caribbean

Antigua is really a beach destination island. A true Caribbean holiday destination with 365 beaches; one for each day of the year! Our favourite beach is Jolly Harbour, see our beach film in the Antigua section.

If you want to jump a bus tour, here is what we had on our tour. This bus tour included Nelson’s Dockyard, the derelict sugar refinery, the exterior of the cricket stadium and many photo and craft stops.

Download Local Tourist Map here    EC$ Eastern Caribbean Dollars (The will take US $)

They call Antigua a beach with land in the middle where you can snorkel, dive, float and boat or a trip to the partner island Barbuda. We asked on our chat sites which are people’s favourite beaches and they suggested.

Valley Church (but not a swimming beach because of currents), Dickenson, Rhum Runner, Jolly Beach and Turners Beach. Our film on Antigua Jolly Harbour Beach

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To be fair you go to Antigua for the beach and sea, not to tour. See our film on Jolly Harbour Beach where we had a fantastic day out. All for $4 US! It is an island with little wind, calm seas and a coastline of bays which is why it made it the perfect place for Admiral Horatio Nelson to hide the British Navy back in 1798. It has had a strong British feel ever since and it is why ships love going there. The port town has changed little in years and it is small. Many taxi drivers will offer you rides to beaches and there will be organised excursions somewhere, in the novel American Portrait the story of agreeing to a taxi tour and then sitting in it waiting for it to fill up is very well told. Instead of just a beach visit, you might like to spend the day at a boutique hotel and be spoilt, like Sugar Ridge. If you do, then please do some research and then let us know the outcome on the Doris Visits Caribbean Chat Site. Where next, St Lucia? We have a whole menu of films from every Caribbean destination. Please share.

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