P&O ARCADIA world cruise J301, J401, J501

I have had the pleasure of joining this wonderful cruise many times and the atmosphere is always great and I dread having to leave. It is a classic, and we have a chat group for each.

The special 99-night world cruise, whether J301, J401, J501 or J601 will all entice. Some will do them all! If you have not done a world cruise, then it is special. It is a new way of life for just a few months away from the British winter. If you have yet to do a long cruise, then here is an explanation if P&O is your triple. There are three choices to leer you on a longer cruise. They repeat each year.

The Ventura is the entry-level at only 35 nights.

Search for the great cruise novel Cruise Ship Heist

Once hooked, the Aurora offers the Grand Cruise of 65 nights.

The whopper is Arcadia’s incredibly special World Cruise at 99 nights.

When the Aurora leaves Southampton on January the 3rd, the Arcadia leaves Jan 6th, and they swap year on year. We have been on all versions so can share some tips and films as port guides.

Here is where we list the chat groups for the ARCADIA World Cruise……..

Arcadia J401 chat group – 2024 World Cruise click here – join – tell others and share, share, share

Arcadia J501 chat group – 2025 World Cruise click here – join – tell others

The Arcadia makes the same circumnavigation each year, changing a few stops. It is a cruise to remember, as long as you don’t remember it for the wrong reasons. Do not be late back from a day out or private excursion, and do not miss the ship and have to fly around the world chasing it. 

Please post your World Cruise stories and antidotes in the World cruise rooms listed above. They are subgroups of the established and safe main Arcadia + Aurora Adult group.

MAIN GROUP – uCruise Aurora and Arcadia group by Doris Visits a FaceBook Chat Group 

The cruise starts with an Atlantic crossing to some chosen pre-Panama canal ports. Once in the Pacific, the ship has been known to take various routes but with new restrictions in Polynesia, there is often a long cruise between Hawaii and the islands in the lower Pacific. 
Hawaii is part of the USA and the bus service is great and Pearl Harbor is free, but DO NOT BE LATE BACK.
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In between these distant Pacific Ports, my mind conjured up this novel… start to listen to the audiobook here, free. It plays out to cruise ports and ship tours and cruise video.

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Eventually, you will get down to an island that will accept a ship of the Arcadia’s size, because although small by today’s modern standards, this almost-Cunard fleet addition is a medium size ship that exceeds the size to stop at many Polynesian Islands. 
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Fiji is often the leg of the world cruise I have joined, to retell going there with the rock legends Status Quo and making the movie Bula Quo. I was trying to fit in the Middle East this year (2023) before I get onto the Azura, to tell tales of looking for horses in a movie I did in the Wadi Rum, but that might have to wait.  There is so much to see and enjoy on a world cruise, and the electric bicycle in the cabin is a growing trend.