We are big fans of the Arcadia and can dodge the buckets and smile. It is a charming ship and we try to join it every year. She is due for a major refit. The last refit saw a a range of updates to the suites, public areas, bars (such as the

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Piano Bar and Spinnaker Bar), and main restaurants including The Belvedere food court. P&O have partnered with RPW Design, one of the world’s leading hospitality interior design practices, to ensure the ultimate levels of design luxury and comfort. Some re-fits you never notice, a common one now is to change the stage lighting from old bulbs to LED which is said to save about £80 a day in fuel on most ships. So comfort, cost and ecology are always on every cruise operator’s mind. Click the future cruises to see every cruise and port stop the ship makes in a year. This is the ship that was originally ordered by the Holland and America Line, but then taken over by Cunard and was very nearly the Queen Victoria. They decided to have larger balconies over the dance floor so she was moved over to P&O. But with more of a Holland and America layout, she is very slightly different to other P&O ships. The Globe is a very intimate venue, the theatre has some of P&O’s top acts. Take a look at the ship tour. Arcadia has a small friendly ship feel but actually can hold just under 2,400 guests over 11 decks. She is similar in size to the Cunard ships and people here do mostly dress for the evening, there are some younger guests. The Arcadia is not as formal as the similar size Cunard ships but is more formal than the Lirica Class MSC ships which are also about the same size but very different.

Great Luggage tags that suit cruises, great read – a thriller on a cruise ship.


Arcadia Web Cam + where is the Arcadia now

The Arcadia is a very easy ship to navigate. We have joined it for a World cruise as well as the Baltic Cruise. Both fabulous, both totally different. Take a look at the ship first then the links to the cruises. Please share with a friend who has never cruised and might enjoy a smaller ship with a lot to offer. Or, Click the yellow share to Facebook button. 

Aurora Ship Tour  Azura Ship Tour  Britannia Ship Tour   TAKING DRINKS ON BOARD ? CAN I ? HOW MUCH ?


On a world cruise, this ship quickly becomes home. However, less than half go all the way around. Sydney is the big change over port. See our films in Sydney. Our first Arcadia experience was the Hong Kong to Mumbai leg of a World Cruise. Meeting passengers doing the whole cruise it was amazing to see how easily they had made the ship their home.20150325 Sing 14

The World Cruise was a different atmosphere to the Baltic Cruise. More relaxed whereas the Baltic was action packed! We have a great film about the Arcadia sailing under the Great Belt Bridge.

But then on the same cruise, two different groups of people can have totally different cruises by their selection of places they use onboard. The same ship can give totally different experiences and the great thing is you get to talk those over and wow each other over dinner.

20150328 P&O 8This was a cake day on the world cruise. The cake and pastry chef went the extra mile and made yet another special treat. You don’t need to eat cakes to appreciate the effort the crew make to please passengers. The Arcadia has a crew of around 860 to a thousand, with a passenger capacity of around 1,950 but a maximum of 2,300. It is an 84,000 tonnes ship that was commissioned in 2005 and is classed as a medium ship.

Click here to go to the P&O site for a further description of the ARCADIA and to book a cruise. We also have a film on the Britannia. The Arcadia is a regular on Canary Islands Cruise routes, see here from Start to Finish, and also the Fjords cruise it is quite different. Another standard route is the Baltics. In the winter it gets adventurous.

Antigua Jolly Harbour Beach St. Vincent Town and Local Beach Tortola BVI Tour

Fine Dining – Ocean Grill

Marco Pierre White’s Ocean Grill is on deck two and gives treatment and service that goes one step beyond that which you are used to in the free dining. The restaurant serves meat as well as fish. Click here for the Marco blog and film, however, the film is in the content of the Arcadia tour.

East, Indian restaurant

This is fine Indian food, not too spicy but if you want you could discuss spicier dishes when making your booking. It is on the top deck, mid staircase opposite East and they made us feel very special on our anniversary. Click here for the Sindhu blog and film, however, the film is in the content of the Arcadia tour so if you have watched the main film you will have seen it.

Arcadia is one of Doris’ favourite ships. Click here to go to the P&O site for a further description of the ARCADIA and to book a cruise.

If you have booked your cruise and need a checklist to pack, here is ours. Serial Killer is based on a crossing of the Pacific, best taken to read while on a world cruise…

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