Kefalonia (Cephalonia ) Guide. The Greek island of Argostoli.

Only the smallest ships get here to Kefalonia, and it is a gem. One of our favourite ports ever. However, it can be a trip from Zakynthos. The Queen Victoria and the Marella Explorer  are amongst those that find Argostoli and we did on the SAGA Spirit of Adventure. (ship tour).

It is a charming place and walking the seafront, the jetty between the turtle sea lake and the inlet can consume a day. A boat on the turtle lake can be great fun. See our Argostoli film.

Alternative to walking you might visit the Drogarati caves which have amazing stalactites and stalagmites. It feels like a natural cathedral, but one whose knowledge and secrets go back 150 million years old. It has spectacular acoustics. This is often on a trip with a winery and a village. Possibly the cosmopolitan village of Fiscardo, and a winery in the Robola Winery Cooperative.

A local taxi picked up on the day may or may not be a great tour, but it remains anonymous and has no reputation. The later you take a private taxi at the dockside, our experience is the less they will show you because they all like to finish at the same time – early as possible. A tour operator, such as those from Get Your Guide listed here, or one booked via the ship has a body that can answer criticism if required. Sure you can shop around, we suggest you research around then look at the ship and our collection from Get Your Guide which should be the widest selection.

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