ATHENS GUIDE – general on foot guide of this spectacular city

Most of these ruins and monuments are so huge it is hard to photograph them from close up. We show you a few vantage points to get a good view without going inside as we walk round the city. Carry only what you need and watch for pickpockets. Their version of VAT or sales tax can add 25% to your purchases. If you want to try to claim that back, carry your passport, get proper receipts and then look for signs showing shops that offer the service. Do shops and museums in the morning as many close for siestas in the afternoon. Like in Italy, you MUST validate bus tickets BEFORE you get on the bus. Public transport is easy. Take proof of age if expecting to get senior discounts into places, not everywhere offers it as the places are well older than you!       DORIS VISITS WESTERN MEDITERRANEAN MENU OF PORT GUIDES 

If you are not an explorer then the red bus could be an option. We sometimes have a 10% off voucher. Try link below because that is quite a saving if there are a few of you, and Athens is rarely a port missed out by ships.This voucher lasts to May 31st unless they renew the end date which they often do.10% Discount coupon for Hop on Hop Off Services

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Athena, the goddess of wisdom, competed against Poseidon, the god of the seas and Athens has had a port since 4BC. But the new cruise terminal at Piraeus has three terminals, (Megas Limani, Zea Limani and Mikrolimano) and they are less than a mile from Piraeus and eight miles from Athens. There may be a shuttle bus, though these shuttles to Athens can cost up to 20 Euros. The Hop On Hop Off Bus now sounds attractive being just outside the cruise terminal, but the new metro system is a cheap, easy, clean way of getting round. Like visiting Rome, you may need a plan, whether based round the metro or the bus. Public bus to the Metro is easy. If it is open buy a ticket at a kiosk to the Acropolis from the cruise terminal, look for the X80 it should be about 4.50 Euro. But it is only Euro 1.40 each way on the metro train. Either walk round the harbour to it, or get the bus going left over the road.

The Olympic games in 2004 did much to enhance the 3,400 years of history with new walkways, better transportation and major works of restoration supplementing the things that never change. They actually removed hundreds of modern buildings to give better access to the Acropolis, Hadrian’s Arch, the Agora, the Academy of Plato and the Monastery of Daphne which are now linked by walkways. Syntagma Station is about 500 meters from the Acropolis and ideal to visit these sites. Travel the green line to Monastiraki and change to the blue line. You could change again and go to Acropolis, but your choice. From here you will spend a lot of time walking and there are many local guides and guide books available.  Chat group for your ship? – click here

Just a mention of the Athens Coastal Tram before we dive into the ruins. It also goes from Syntagma Square to the Beaches. Make the square the place you return to and meet if lost place.

If you are not an explorer then take a ship tour. These as always are organised to get you there, explain and get you back on time. Here are some examples of TUI – Marella Cruise tours. The others will be similar.

Marella Cruises to the Eastern Mediterranean 

Athens and Acropolis – Leave the port of Piraeus behind and head for the captivating city of Athens. You’ll pass by the main sights, like Constitution Square, or ‘Syntagma Square’ as it’s also known, the Houses of Parliament, the Neoclassical-style university buildings, the Royal Palace and the Old Olympic Stadium of Athens. The stadium’s built entirely of marble and offers up a great view of the Acropolis in the distance. The real highlight of this tour comes next, when you arrive at the foot of the magnificent Acropolis, one of the most famous and photographed ancient monuments in the world. Set off on a walking tour, split into several stages, and let your guide explain its history to you. Once you get to the top, you’ll get some free time to wander round, admiring the ancient temples of Athena Nike and the towering Parthenon. Don’t forget your cameras for the breathtaking views of the city below.

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We went there on the Oceana, (Ship tour here) followed all the way round by the Norwegian Spirit (Ship blog here).

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Third Party Tours are vast but include:-


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