ATHENS – PLAKA area made easy, a walk between two metro stations

Sad we have to remind you, but carry only what you need and watch for pickpockets. The Metro is easy, unlike in Italy where each train is checked, we have never been checked in Athens, but validate Metro tickets BEFORE you get on. Public transport is easy, this was easy. Flat even ground on this walk, apart from Metro steps at Monastiraki. Level platform at Piraeus.       DORIS VISITS WESTERN MEDITERRANEAN MENU OF PORT GUIDES 

Metro is easy. Only Euro 1.40 each way on the metro train. We did this walk from Syntagma Station which is around 500 meters from the Acropolis. Look across the square having seen the Houses of Parliament and the changing of the guard (in our walking guide of Athens video) – with them behind you walk forward, across the square and go down to the main shopping street. That is the subject of this video, the walk through the shops to the flea market of Monastiraki and the flea market, and after an ice cream – a must – see our film. Then the Metro home when you are a little more tired is a good option, the station is opposite the ruins of Hadrian’s library. Note: If you want to go into the ruins of Hadrian’s Library or the Ministry of Culture, both on this walk, then do the walk the other way round (morning start at Monastiraki) as they are more likely to be open in the morning.

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If you are not an explorer then the red bus could be an option. We sometimes have a 10% off voucher. Try link below because that is quite a saving if there are a few of you, and Athens is rarely a port missed out by ships.This voucher lasts to May 31st but they often renew end date 

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Just a mention of the Athens Coastal Tram. It also goes from Syntagma Square to the Beaches. Make the square the place you return to and meet if lost place.

If you are not an explorer then take a ship tour. These as always are organised to get you there, explain and get you back on time. Here are some examples of TUI – Marella Cruise tours. The others will be similar.

Marella Cruises to the Eastern Mediterranean 

Panoramic athens and Plaka – Leave the port of Piraeus behind and head for the captivating city of Athens. You’ll pass by the main sights, like Constitution Square, or ‘Syntagma Square’ as it’s also known, the Houses of Parliament, the Neoclassical-style university buildings, the Presidential Palace and the Old Olympic Stadium of Athens. The stadium’s built entirely of marble and offers up a great view of the Acropolis in the distance. Afterwards, carry on to the traditional part of the city at the foot of the Acropolis, known as Plaka, where you’ll get some free time to explore. Soak up the atmosphere as you wander through the tangled maze of streets or pull up a chair in one of the pretty open-air cafes. It’s a great place to pick up some souvenirs as the shops in Plaka stay open all day.

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We went there on the Oceana, (Ship tour here) followed all the way round by the Norwegian Spirit (Ship blog here).

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Third Party Tours are vast but include:-


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