P&O AURORA chat group on Facebook

Cruise Chat is the greatest way to share and discover. The adult uCruise AURORA + Acadia group by Doris Visits on the Facebook platform is the place to meet friendly like-minded Aurora cruisers who love cruising. The Auro was the first P&O ship we sailed on.

click for – P&O Aurora cruise chat group on Facebook

Our friendly family Aurora cruise group has members who are new to cruising right through to some very experienced sailors. It has subgroups for the R401 and R501 Grand Cruises set up and with members , and you can set up your cruise’s chat room in EVENTS – just by creating an event within the safe group that already exists with all the safety controls set up and established.

Here is where we list the chat groups for the AURORA Grand Cruise……..

Aurora R401 chat group – 2024 Grand Cruise click here – join – tell others and share, share, share

Aurora R501 chat group – 2025 Grand Cruise click here – join – tell others

There is always someone to help with questions or even a member to share specialist knowledge from diet to mobility. Our Doris Visits chat groups are not a place to moan, even if we do occasionally criticise it has to be done constructively or in a helpful way. Our groups are for those cruisers who love cruising. If someone says they hate the ship, we take that as an invitation for us to remove them from the group. Actually, we don’t – the members report them, we only react. The members set up their own chat rooms if they are not in EVENTS – we just make it technically possible.

Here is our Aurora passenger ship area video at 4k that can be viewed on a large screen or your smart TV – go to YouTube and try searching Doris Visits Aurora.

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With our associated Doris Visits YouTube Cruise Port Guide Channel, presented by Jean, you will find the films we made as cruisers stopping at the world’s cruise ports. Films from fellow guests are listed here. On our YouTube channel, there are specialist playlists on shopping, botanical gardens and religious buildings at destinations. We follow cruise routes… yes, we take you there – virtually.

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