Award win in Los Angeles for Cruise Ship Heist

CSCI wins in Los Angeles 2023.

The book was invited to hundreds of festivals, probably due to my past movie profile, but I agreed to just three. New York, LA and Oxford. It has been listed as an official nomination/finalist in Oxford and LA and we wait for New York to get to the next stage of judging.
I would like to thank my team, especially David Withington the grammar editor, and Jean Heard my un wind the dyslexia editor. Laura Aikman for being harsh on story and Ryan Da Rocha for saying, not good enough, go over it again. Hence the award winning second draft.
The book and story are the same, but after 5 other books and nearly a number seven (2024) there were so many character nods and familiarities I could respect as well as improving the writing and brining it down by 30 percent!
Also thanks to TV writer Matt Kennard for pushing me to add the new start, and book club critics that suggested they wanted more at the end, hence the new end scenes that develop other characters ready for future books.
Following the nomination and shortlisting for final in OXFORD, CSCI Cruise Ship Heist Novel has just been award and is now a finalist in L.A. Noir Novel competition. Well done team.
CSCI starts with Cruise Ship Heist, where Kieron Philips is travelling to join a cruise ship in South America as an invited guest speaker. It was arranged by his adopted Syrian daughter who is a dancer on the ship. He soon finds out that the change of date and his being in the wrong place at the wrong time were planned to last degree. His services are required, and he is drawn deeper and deeper into the dark. As he makes friends and enemies above and below decks, he does not know who to trust as the plot gets more complex as the cruise leaves land to cross the Atlantic. The only thing the reader can know is that at least one of them might join him in the future Cruise Ship Crime Investigators, but however hard you try and guess you will never see the future clearly.
You can read it free on Kindle Unlimited.