CRUISE ROUTE – Baltic Cruise, the many ports on film.

This is still our favourite cruise route and we will be back on it with the Britannia in 2018 B818 in June. The Baltic was a main trading route from the day man built ships and it still is to this day. Many of these medieval towns were built as part of the Hanseatic League and have left us with a legacy of history that will take more than one tour even to overview. This is a tour you need to plan, Doris Visits is here to help you.

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A quick overview of a Baltic Cruise can be found in the film below. It is a brief introduction to the wealth the post-medieval and Hanseatic trading region has to offer. Doris Visits has many films on many ports and some films on excursions to help plan what is going to be a busy trip. If you never get to the Baltic, go there with Doris.

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This film is a short burst of seven great cities that are in a normal Baltic route, but see the many films below. The Baltic is packed with adventure, history and eye-watering things; you will be spoilt for choice. Your camera will be in overdrive, as will your feet if you walk every city, so plan for walking. See our packing tips for the Baltic. If you want more detailed research we have 5 films on St Petersburg, 3 on Bruges etc…. enjoy

  • Tallinn was by far our favourite. It is easy to walk into town from the cruise port as Jean’s film for Doris Visits Tallinn shows. It is a wonderful small town with a lot to see above ground and interesting tunnels underground. The beer is lethal.
  • St Petersburg. On the first visit to this city of opulent church and palaces, even with two days, you may do little more than getting an overview. These films will help you quickly see most of the town, making sense of your visit and helping you earmark what you might do when back for a second visit. If you are on a tour, you have excused the need for a visa. We have films on the Emperors and Assassinations Tour, the St Petersburg On Your Own, with Audio Guide (pen), Peter and Paul Fortress, Church of the Spilled Blood and a Night at the Ballet.
  • Bruges is often on the way home. Bruges is a small town, easy to see with a good 30-minute canal tour you can do at any time of the day. There are so many chocolate shops we gave chocolate its own film. The only effort here is the transfer to Bruges from Bruges by the sea (Zeebrugge).
  • Stockholm is a collection of small islands and it is wise to get a handle on orientation early. You might like to do some planning here as the Changing Of The Guard at the Palace is smack in the middle of the day. The Abba Museum is across the water along with Tivoli and the Boat Museum. The Doris Visits Stockholm film will show you the old town and give you an overview.
  • Copenhagen is THE place of excellent free walking tours, Doris Visits will show you where to find them and what they cover, and where the Little Mermaid statue is and why you might decide to give it a miss.
  • Helsinki in Finland always feels like more of a fishing port but there is no reason why; they are all fishing ports. The market is on the harbour, it has all the major shops and a tram which will run you round in a huge figure of 8 for a few euros. And it has a great beach area so you might just wish to chill. Click here.
  • Kiel is a film we have though it is not often included. We were there during Tall Ships Festival week. There will be a German port, we have every port covered in the Baltic, yes every port, so if the ones listed are not enough then click here for the full list of this fantastic cruise route.

If you have an overnight in St Petersburg and do not go on an excursion, whilst the free dining may be special, the ‘fine dining’ options may be offering a free bottle of wine and you might like to take advantage. Take a look at Marco’s Ocean Grill as an example. Click this text. If you enjoyed this overview of the Baltic Cruise route and it has helped you, then look at our other cruise route pages. Most operators will cover the Baltic route. You have many options. Why not have a look at our compare the deals page. Cruise insurance is something we advise and if you are finding it hard to do, then try this.

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PORT GUIDES filmed by Doris Visits are a great way to research, remember your cruise and share your memories with your friends.   ATHENS GUIDE ANTIGUA CRETE GUIDE RHODES ST PETERSBURG ROME DUBROVNIK KEY WEST STATUE OF LIBERTY TOUR STAVANGER

You may have seen cruise thriller author & movie maker Stuart St Paul – click here on a ship giving an after-dinner speech or a talk with a book signing. Crime novels are a whole new experience. You may not have been to the ports in the novels, you certainly won’t have been to the parts of the ship they use but they take you there. Stuart’s page is here. The cheapest way to buy his cruise thrillers is the KINDLE BOX SET, all six cruise thrillers for the price of two.



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The Abba Museum often has queues, buy skip the line before you go.