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Baltimore is a major city built around a harbour, not just a gateway port to Washington. You will dock in the deep-water outer harbour, about a 20-minute walk from the inner harbour. If there is a queue for the shuttle bus, you may challenge yourself with the walk as the shuttles can be sparse. Maryland is one of the original thirteen states established in August 1729. The port was built to export its growing agriculture, which is mainly cereals. They have a great bio-diversity program and I studied their method of floating plants and tried to engage it in my tank at home but failed.


You can see most things by walking so you might want to get the shuttle bus and save your legs for the city. If you are a baseball fan you might head for Oriole Park and then the nearby Babe Ruth Museum and cover the Charles Street corridor of buildings and shops, our film does not venture there. We go in the other direction and cover the area you are more likely to walk around, the modern inner harbour. We then venture up to through the Italian area and walk you back to Fell’s Point which is easily reached by water taxi if you don’t want the hike. The water taxi is just that, has no commentary but can get you around quickly all day for a reasonable fee. The Italian area and Fells Point are both part of the Heritage Walk which is marked by plates set on the sidewalk and will take you past the Jewish Museum and the African culture museum, Carroll Mansion and the Children’s Museum. Back in the harbour, the Tall Ship Constellation floats as a museum which you may wish to see. There are shops and cafes, Bubba Gump and Hard Rock in what is a very clean and welcoming city with very friendly people who have time to say hi. It is much slower than New York and a very pleasant visit which could be why they call it the Charm City. The sail away is often to a beautiful sunset as Baltimore has great skies. We had a tug forcefully pushing a large ship away from us as we sailed away and under the Baltimore Bridge.

Also see other films along this east coast route including Charleston, Boston and the many films on New York, from visiting Liberty Island and the New York Library to taking the Big Bus tour of the city, we show three routes for you to judge value. Plus we have films of Charleston, Bermuda and others on the coast. Menu here.

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