Barbados, Andromeda Botanic Gardens.

This six-acre park is part of the Barbados National Trust. Jean got there by bus as seen on the East Coast Barbados film. Now she tries to follow the directions on the three walks and pick out Jack Fruit, Sago Palm, Panama Rose and some rare plants. The Andromeda Botanic Gardens is a unique and historic garden located in the parish of St Joseph. Iris Bannochie founded the garden in 1954 on land owned by her family since 1740 and it has 60 different species of palm. The garden has shown plants from Andromeda with the Barbados Horticultural Society many times at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in London. Here they only use organics. You will be amazed if a gardener, at the variety of trees, some of which are not found anywhere else in the Caribbean. Enjoy the spirit of this wonderful post-war gardens to Mark Blackledge’s composition.

You will see what a huge contrast the coastline is from the other of Jean’s Barbados films where she takes a bus up and down the sandy west coast from fish festival to Sandy Lane.


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