Barbados. The dramatic east coast. The Atlantic.

There is another side to Barbados that is not sheltered yellow sand beaches.

Barbados. North from Bridgetown to Mullins, Hometown and Sand Lane

Mullins is a treat, the north coast is sheltered and special.

FIRST CRUISE – First blog to read – landing in Barbados

About to dive in on your first cruise and it all looks like a huge mess of the unknown.

Tours available in Barbados

As always tours and their description show what the locals are proud of and wish to show.

Barbados – P&O Ship Excursion – Cat, Caribe & Turtles

We are fans of the Turtles.

Barbados, Andromeda Botanic Gardens.

This six-acre park is part of the Barbados National Trust.

Rocky Beach, Barbados. Quieter than Carlisle Bay, and maybe cheaper!

Sure you can walk to Carlisle Bay, but it is busy, and the hawkers might get you down.

Oistins Fish Night in Barbados, Doris Visits the very special night out.

If you are in Barbados on a Friday night, then at Oistins, it is party night.

Bridgetown, Barbados, peaceful paradise island with a reggae beat

A regular stop for Doris Visits, Barbados literally means, the Bearded One,