Bath, Christmas lights in the Roman City

This is a market that could be a weekend treat. The award-winning Bath Christmas Market has over 200 twinkling chalets spread out across the picturesque Georgian streets of Bath selling handmade and local Christmas gifts. New for 2017: The Bath Christmas Market has extended into Southgate Street, Union Street, and Hot Bath Street. It has a packed calendar of family-friendly events so we advise that after watching the film which shows last year’s market which will be very similar, you look to see the special dates to circle. Click here. It must be the only festive market combined with a natural thermal spa. The market opens on the 23rd November, a later than most but it does take over the historic town.

Kew Gardens at Christmas – all on film here

The Roman Baths are currently being remarketed because of a fascinating light display, the invitation is to see them at night, Torchlit Summer Evenings. I hope they do this again at Christmas, not only because it will be darker earlier, but the Christmas market in Bath at the end of each year, which gets bigger and bigger, will mean that could be a choice time for many visitors to do both at once. So much of the buildings in Bristol and Bath were built on the wealth of the slave trade and tobacco and other shipping which is causing modern-day naming conflict, so expect some names to be different from ones you may remember. The actual 2,000-year-old Roman Baths are below current street level. The main features are the Sacred Spring, the Roman Temple, the Roman Bath House and the Museum. Bath, the city has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Royal Crescent is a semi-circle of the most opulent buildings, now mainly sectioned into flats and apartments. Bath Racecourse is there for horse lovers, nearby is Castle Combe Race Circuit, which means you might be tying a visit in with racing. There is also the sheer rock face of Cheddar Gorge you might like to try and climb, or the incredible Wells Cathedral is not too far away. Bath features on the Daily Mirror list of places we Brits never see and so many of the places around it could be on an extended top 100.

Ever Fancied being on a Cruise Ship for Christmas – with all the family or without

Bath’s biggest problem is parking, especial in the festive season. If you can go by train and stay overnight it is probably a better experience all round. Try and find a hotel deal here. There are a number of different tours at the Baths so time there will allow you to choose. Bath itself is a very special city and many of the attractions nearby suggest it is a great destination for a break. However, we went there for the Christmas lights.

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