The Island of Bequia in the Grenadines

Bequia feels like your own private island. There is little to see and do, and finding excursions is hard, but it is all about the ambience. The sea, the sand, and the people. is that kind of island. Bequia; Pronounced Beck-way it takes an hour on the ferry to travel the 9 miles on a local ferry from the pier at Kingstown St Vincent. Timetable and costs here. Beach and paradise-wise, there is no comparison, Bequia tops St Vincent. Take a look and see why we think it is extra special.

Jacks Bar, the place to head for in Bequia. On the beach, all smiles and good food. You can see the catch come in. Whether you want to swim in clear blue warm water, just lay on the beach, or take a most delightful walk to Jacks Bar for fresh lobsters. You could go the other way and take a taxi to the Turtle Sanctuary. Bequia is 7 square miles of paradise. One of the busiest times of the year is the annual Easter Regatta.

You can get a water taxi to the island of Mustique where Princess Margaret famously had a home. She visited Bequia and had a beach named in her honour. The clear water is ideal for snorkelling and scuba diving and there are some wrecks which may be of interest to advanced divers. In fact, there are boats waiting to take you anywhere, they will even water taxi you round to Jacks Bar if you don’t fancy the walk shown in the film. If you have pictures in Bequia, please place them with comments. The smaller ships can get into this island or it is a tour from St. Vincent’s larger island. If you have been here share on the Caribbean Chat site.

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In the cruise thriller novel, Cruise Ship Heist, when a couple think they have money and romantically chat about buying a house on a Caribbean Island, Bequia is the one they mention. The house on the top of the hill in this film, with the white picket fence, is the one used to research the descriptions in the book. Obviously, it does not run smoothly, but watching the video of St Vincent where the cruise ship docks, and Bequia and Jack’s Bar where they go with ambition, will set the pictures in your head.

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I must return there, both in person and in the book. Until then I just have to watch Jeans films.

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