Boston Clough House, a real special gem few people find

There is a house tucked away by the old church that is on the Heritage trail, it is called Clough House and is a gem that deserves a special mention. It is an old house, built in 1712 by master bricklayer Ebenezer Clough as a home for himself and his wife. Now, inside there are two actors working their socks off all day, one demonstrating the old fashioned way of making chocolate in Captain Jackson’s old Chocolate shop. The other, Howard, is printing on an old double-press printing press as if in the old shop of Edes and Gill. He prints the Declaration of American Independence, which they then sell. Anyone can sign it and it and have it hung on the wall. Entrance to this house is free, which is amazing as most of the sites and places to visit on the coast charge, some quite regally, but here at Clough House they do have things to sell and ask for donations. They suggest three dollars!

Until 1806, the home was lived in by individual families, the first two generations of the Clough family, and then Joseph and Sarah Pierce and their families.  The home was inherited by their daughters and their politically active husbands, including Moses Grant, a participant in the Boston Tea Party.  It was purchased in 1959 by the Old North Foundation for the purpose of showing the past as a working interpretative space. 

  • Chapters:
  • 0:00 Introduction by Jean
  • 0:15 Quincey Market & Faneuil Hall
  • 1:54 Paul Revere House
  • 2:35 Clough House
  • 2:46 Captain Jackson’s Historic Chocolate shop
  • 3:37 Edes & Gill Printing Office
  • 5:33 Boston Common
  • 5:40 Massachusetts State House
  • 5:51 Cheers
  • 6:32 Long Wharf
  • 7:50 Boston Tea Party Museum
  • 8:47 Joes

Boston Greeters can be found HERE    What or who are greeters. Best explained by watching our Greeters of Hamburg film…

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