Bruges Churches

We have a separate playlist of churches and cathedrals that can be seen on cruises. This playlist can be found on our cruise port channel. We keep this special interest section separate so it is easy to find and appreciate.

These are some of the churches found in Bruges, a Catholic city.

Sint-Annarei is a poor church, away from the centre but more than worth the little effort. Saint Annas is Northwest of the Sint Annarei canal in the Historic Centre of Bruges. It is free to enter and there is normally someone there keen to explain things. It is normally open in the afternoons between 1 pm and 5 pm. The art makes St Anna’s stand out. The Last Temptation has been renovated at a huge cost as the work is 104 square meters. The statue of Mary, Jesus, and Anna (his grandmother) is a feature. The formal address is. Sint-Annaplein, 8000 Brugge.

The nearby Jeruzalemkerk church resembles Jerusalem’s Holy Sepulchre.

In contrast to the church of the poor, though Sint Annas looks far from that, The Church of Our Lady is a monument to wealth, sophistication, and taste.  The incredible building is easy to find and is in a more central area. The 115.5-metre-high brick church tower is said to be the second tallest in the world. Inside the church is Michelangelo’s Madonna and Child and numerous paintings. It has 13th and 14th-century painted crypts and 15th and 16th-century tombs of Mary of Burgundy and Charles the Bold. There is a fee to explore this church and although the Musea Bruges 72hr discount card could save you money on a selection of sites, it is unlikely a cruiser would benefit.

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