Cabo Frio

Praia do Forte is one of nine white sand beaches in Cabo and it stretches the length of Downtown Cabo. It is great sand, with clean water that may not be as warm as you might like. The clue is in the title, Cabo Frio. A cold stream comes up with a current from the south. That aside, this is the most pleasurable place to stop. The places to see are great, the people are friendly, we felt safe, and the food was amazing…. as you will see by the end of the film.

In our film guide we cover quite a bit, so stay with the ride. The film is in chapters so you can choose to skip to the beach. Here is our big beach tip… if the beach looks crowded as your ship pulls in early morning, then it means it is a holiday and it is going to be CROWDED! People get to the beach at 7 am just to get a spot. You think we jest, look at the film.

Cabo Frio is a municipality in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro, but not as mad or with as much to see. The chapel on the hill gives magnificent views and can be visited first while you have the energy!. Praia do Forte is the beach you see from the ship’s anchorage because Cabo is a tender port. The beaches are known for their strong surf. and swimming should be done with care. There are Bay Watch-like look-out towers. Praia das Conchas has calmer waters.

Passagem, the city’s oldest area, features colonial buildings and the Capela de São Benedito, a 1701-built church. The easiest thing to do is stay on the beach on the inlet just near where the tender drops you. Jean walks through it in the film. The restaurants just behind that are quite formal and we tried a few before eating. We were right not to take the first one as Arcos do Canal was exquisite (and we paid the bill in full, no sponsoring here, just a big Doris Visits 5* recommendation).

A little effort is a walk to the funfair and the 17th-century São Mateus fort, with its few rusted cannons. The bay next to it may have local fishermen cooking and selling their wares. That is a turn left from the tender with the sea behind you. Turn right for the town and chapel on the hill.

  • in the film
  • 0:00 – Cabo Frio (Tender)
  • 1:14 – Walk along local beach
  • 2:20 – Fun Fair
  • 2:35 – Bike hire
  • 2:55 – local boat to Japanese Island
  • 3:15 – Fishermen
  • 3:34 – Fort
  • 5:00 – McDonalds (WiFi)
  • 5:15 – Church of Assumption (town)
  • 5:57 – Church Museum
  • 7:00 – Chapel on the hill (views)
  • 7:50 Views
  • 8:18 – Praia do Forte
  • 11:04 Arcos do Canal Restaurant
  • 12:25 – Happy Birthday Jean


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Not on the film – Casa do Príncipe (or the Prince’s House) which was built back in 1877 and is one of Cabo Frio’s most beautiful colonial homes has been turned into a hotel called Solar do Arco. Other things to do are scuba diving or tasting the local cuisine. We chose the latter.

Tours available will include.

Considering we are in South America, or Latin America it felt wrong that the CSCI novels start in this area of the world. Although Recife did feel different.

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Cruise Ship Heist starts with drug money and a ship in the Port Limon area and Columbia. The jazzy style and samba music did set the scene for me. Start listening to CSCI free on YouTube. The sponsors pay, and you listen to the audiobook for free.

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