Celebrity Reflection – a look around the ship

Here is a ship tour of the Reflection from Mogens of this large ship launched in 2012. It has one more deck than the other Solstice-class ships, which are still considered sister ships. Celebrity Equinox, Celebrity Eclipse, Celebrity Solstice and Celebrity Silhouette. It is 320 meters long and has 17 decks. It has a lawn, is spacious and is a very classy ship that can travel at 24 knots.

The ship can accommodate over 3,046 passengers, more than any other Celebrity cruise ship. As with all Celebrity ships, the Main Theatre is where they present dazzling entertainment from musical masterpieces to dramatic delights. Their talented team are constantly finding new ways to shock, inspire and enchant and if you want to join a show cast take a look at our casting page. Let us know your experiences on this ship in the comments below, it helps other cruisers, and if you have seen any outstanding entertainers who should go into our entertainers’ list.

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You may have seen the author on a ship giving an after-dinner speech or a lecture, his page is here. Stuart St Paul – click here  

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