– Grand Class family ship

Doris Visits is a family of cruise guests, and our chat groups should allow all members to feel as if they are welcome, and sitting at someone else’s dinner table and making friends. We do not allow abuse or bad language, just expect a helpful chat. Asking questions, listening to opinions, sharing pictures and experiences is normal dinner chat. Attempting to start a march or weaponising others to support a cause is best shared on other sites, as is negative moaning. Our guests are here because they love cruising and the ship or group they belong to, so if someone shouts, I will never cruise with them again… we take them at their word and remove and block them. WE have a number of sites, these might press your button …..



SAGA Ocean cruise chat group – over 40’s if travelling with someone over 50. Both ships SPIRIT of DISCOVER, SPIRIT of ADVENTURE


Azamara chat – Radiance Class ships – Journey, Pursuit, Quest (previously the P&O Adonia) 700 guests

P&O Arcadia  P&O Aurora

Doris Visits started as a cruise port guide YouTube channel and will always feature ports.

Please read the GUIDELINES

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