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Firstly welcome to the huge and ever-growing Doris Visits family of cruisers in around 40 chat sites and about 500 port guide films on our Doris Visits YouTube channel.We try to inform.

What is Doris Visits like and how should it feel – our style

Often in a situation, so much is happening it is wrong for us to repost as the news is covering it. The news may not always be perfectly correct (see below), but one thing was clear on the coronavirus day 11th March 2020 was that the government wants to try and stop INFO-VIRUS.
Because of my position as a broadcaster, I sat in at a ‘think-tank’ three years ago, Sharon White  (then head of OFCOM) was in the panel and the topic was ‘the most disgusting reporting ever by broadcasters on the EU vote’. It was admitted by all that all networks had often of just repeated lies or bad information and/or speculated. This was BOTH SIDES of the EU political spectrum. Coronavirus was/is slightly different but again opinions and lies are being spread and poor info on social media – OFCOM can step in. As a broadcaster, I made a decision at the start to love and enjoy chat, and allow freedom but exclude INFO-VIRUS. I may have been ahead of my time LOL. I trust you can all understand why our 40 or so cruise web sites were set up on that basis, ‘not to allow or encourage discussions that are, or encourage answers that become INFO-VIRUS. This doesn’t mean you can’t report things in an informative way. What it does mean is we do not allow, as an extreme example, things that start with I THINK. Like I THINK THE SHIP CAUSES NORO – well that is wrong. Or to say, I THINK INSURANCE COMPANIES WILL – again, it is wrong as you don’t know what is in someone else’s contract. Those posts are not knowledge but INFO-VIRUS. We also do not allow questions like, WILL ‘CRUISE LINE’ cancel my cruise? or not go into ports? – Because no one on any site can give an answer. It just starts INFO-VIRUS.
You can say, ‘I hope my cruise goes ahead’. My cruise never went into (Bar Harbor etc) … because that is information. It does not have to be negative. You can say that you did or sadly did not have, an insurance policy that had missed ports coverage. 
Some people just love to chat, we love that, but not incorrect information. That is INFO-VIRUS and we will not be seen to act in that way. Other sites may and can.
So, please do not say what you think causes or spreads Norovirus or Coronavirus unless you are actually a biochemist, or post our page on it which has government information, or the government sites (but then others can find those).
Think this way, if you can justify your comment with a source as newspapers have to. If you are in doubt what that means, have two great hours watching the film SPOTLIGHT – it is a great movie. In it, they knew facts, absolute facts but they could not and did not publish until they could verify and quote the source.
We also try to avoid moans – why? Because we can do nothing about them and they should be taken to those you are moaning about. If you moaned and have a reply, you have a source and can, therefore, like a reporter, REPORT (not moan) and scan the reply.
We do not allow chat that can inspire INFO-VIRUS.
Discussions – mostly we leave them up but may STOP FURTHER COMMENTS because it is inflaming a situation. We often cut heated exchanges about ‘dress-code’ after enough comments. If a question is ‘asked and answered’, you may note the postee has turned off any further comments without us intervening. But we will turn off comments as ‘asked and answered’. Nothing against the post but others may not wish to read it again and again.
Finally, don’t moan about this site or post other cruise sites, we are happy for you to move.


The above are rules and what further rules below are based on. We may be different, but that is our style.


Please report taxi drivers etc . Often excursion companies try and use us, even for inland Africa!

However, we often recommend things for cruisers on AMAZON like seasickness bands or our own action crime thriller novels on Amazon.

We are a huge community with over 100,000 blogs and chats a month. Do not expect us to read them all! We have many members who use the three dots and report things. Then we act.


Previously screenwriters (with awards) we now write the Cruise Ship Crime Novels (that we hope will become movies). Obviously we allow those posts and encourage others to talk about the books if they have read them. Jean, the main presenter on our port guides and Laura (who played Sonia in the Christmas special of Gavin and Stacey) are the editors and addition material writers. Laura does character work, Jean is technical. Some other cruise web sites also read them for technical – Like David’s HOW TO CRUISE. The novels are a great way to ‘see’ below decks and ‘behind the scenes’ as we do as guests on ships. Click the picture for information.


In short, these are some of our operational guidelines in addition to the above

  1. Say anything against the sight and you will be removed and free to join another site.
  2. We like to see who is joining, so joining without a picture and no profile might need a DM message or email or contact, or the request could be declined.
  3. We don’t like any moans, all moans should be taken to the ship operator or supplier who has the ability to deal with them. We are not a window for vengeance or negativity, we do allow reporting with evidence.
  4. If you are on one of our ship’s chat sites and angrily say ‘you will never sail on her again’, we will assume you don’t need to be on the chat site.
  5. If you are rude or offensive, we will remove you.
  6. Blogs have to be 100% cruise focussed so we will delete jokes, recipes, tales, cries for help or funding or anything off cruise when we see it or it is reported.
  7. When a question has been answered we may mute further commenting. Just seems sensible.
  8. If someone answers a question with a page from a competitor or suggests a competitor they and the blog will be removed.
  9. If someone is trying to sell tours or cruises, we might remove it and them.
  10. If we see arguments brewing, we might stop further comment to save it inflaming. Posting a discussion that deliberately does that may get you blocked.
  11. If someone wishes to disagree with us or our chosen style, we will remove it and them.
  12. If your opinion is we should be different or change something please email or DM us, but you may be on the wrong chat site.
  13. We may take a week or more, to allowing people on when we are at sea, which is often. It is because we have been invited onto a ship. We will get to things eventually.
  14. Our sites all focus on UK cruisers, but all and routes UK passengers might take. We do cover nearly all major ships with a chat site. The sites are linked, so being blocked from one site normally takes you off all sites.
  15. No politics, religion, fundraising of any kind, or charity posts.
  16. In vision chat – this is new and growing. Common sense applies, but assume it is day time somewhere, so all the time children could be on-line.
  17. No smoking in vision, usual broadcast rules.
  18. Private Messaging – is not seen by us nor controlled by us. It is a facility offered by Facebook. If a member does something in a private message it is not actually on our chat site. We keep a good relationship with Facebook and do not cross borders or lines and direct messaging is their domain. They often suggest we remove a post from our chat site that they do not like and we comply, (we have chat sites for most ships or cruise operators). However, what happens outside our chat site, in a private message – which is Facebook member to Facebook member is not on our chat site but in their system needs to be reported to Facebook as we cannot deal with it. Use the three dots on the right of the message and report it to Facebook as you feel fit, maybe as hate-speak or an unwanted comment. Direct messages fall in their domain as they are outside our chat site. Facebook has the opportunity of then dealing with the member. 

That should mean that the site stays happy, positive and about cruising. It may have genuine reporting about what is closed during a norovirus epidemic. But do say, for example ‘last week when I was on, the pool was closed’.

If you need to share a cruise joke there is a great cruise joke site, not here, please. We respect their great site.

For those of you who have seen one or two of our hundreds of films on cruise destinations, we love it when you post our films when someone else asks about a port.

In just two years our online TV channel, which has grown to over 100,000 views in some months. Our blogs are on our main FB page. We often report great blogs from a chat site, we may ask if we can use the blogger’s name, but often do so without credit.

We don’t read every blog. We do get to every reported bad blog, eventually. If you think we are slow and it is urgent, email us via the main web site. This site.

If you have joined Doris Visits via the chat, you have joined a family of things. Expect is to cross advertise, just like the BBC does. (our old friends who trained me 50 years ago!)

Essentials – cruise travel labels and our cruise crime novels – oh, and the seasickness bands.

Good sailing

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