CHAT SITE RULES – here on Doris Visits

Firstly welcome to the huge and ever-growing Doris Visits family of cruisers in over 20  chat sites.

What is Doris Visits like and how should it feel – our style

Positive. One word.
  • We are here for people who love cruising, wish to ask and share, help and meet
  • We are not here for moans and moaning, there are sites for that.
  • Our style makes us different.
‘Why is moaning not allowed?’
Here is how I see it…. and with nearly 100,000 contributors over all the sites, it works for us and the members who joined under this umbrella.
.… the difference between a constructive moan and weaponising venom is where was ask you to find the line to be as far towards constructive as possible. That is the tone of Doris Visits, a positive site for those who love cruising. It is what makes us different. Those who love cruising will understand any point made constructively, but if you have a complaint, one we can do nothing about, then it might be that your concise detailed complaint needs to go to your cruise operator. (or travel agent if you used an intermediatory)

Then there are guidelines we have to enforce if Facebook does not get to them first and they often do.
Absolutely no medical or legal advice should be given unless it is a link to a government or similar site. We do not support any advice anywhere on our site, we suggest and ask you to take further advice.
For bad moan rant, or saying you hate the ship, we take that as an invitation for you to leave. We will remove the comment and the poster.
All posts should be 100% cruise. No hate speech, political or religious remarks. Nothing narrow, nothing against any type creed or colour. That should almost go without saying.
We stop chatter and discussion if the question has been answered of it we feel enough has been said and it could become inflamed. For example dress code – there is no discussion, it is a contractual term which every cruiser signs up to whether in ink or by nature of taking the cruise on offer. You cannot insist someone should wear a black tie if the ship does not request it, and similarly, you should dress to the standard required if you intend to use all areas of the ship if there are formal night restrictions. We don’t make the rules, the cruisers agree to the contract, there is no discussion that should become heated on the matter. Our ship website normally has a link to the ship’s rules. Our moderators will stop the comments from getting inflated on any subject.

Using the three dots …. please report taxi drivers, the tour offers or any third-party advertising. Only moderators and Doris Visits can post selling links, and they should be cruise related.

The Doris Visits trio of Platforms,

  • Doris Visits Port Guide Video channel on YouTube
  • web site with over 300 listed cruise ships and global locators, and about 1000 port guides with information and tours
  • Facebook main page with general points, cross cruise company news, and help; has over 20 dedicated CHAT GROUPS 

the whole site is run by Stuart St Paul, a cruise crime mystery writer, and his books are also mentioned, just as all cruise novel writers (very different) are listed on the main website. His books are often mentioned and you may have seen him on a ship talking about his 50 years in the movies.


In short, these are some of our operational guidelines in addition to the above

  1. Say anything against the group or a moderator and you may be removed and free to join another site.
  2. We like to see who is joining, so trying to join without a picture may require a deeper look at your profile. If that is not possible you may be refused. Please then DM message, or email, or contact, with your case.
  3. These are passenger sites. Captains, entertainers and officers do join, but the chat is still to answer passengers. There are separate crew chat groups for crew chat.
  4. We don’t like any moans, all moans should be taken to the ship operator or supplier who has the ability to deal with them. We are not a window for vengeance or negativity, we do allow positive help reporting.
  5. If reporting something of fact, please as any journalist should be asked to do, quote a government or authoritative source.
  6. EVENTS can be listed if they are not there. The cruise number first, the cruise title and date should be added. Old events should be removed.
  7. If you are on one of our ship’s chat sites and angrily say ‘you will never sail on her again’, we will assume you don’t need to be on the chat site.
  8. If you are rude or offensive, we will remove you if Facebook has not done this before us.
  9. Report all bad posts or scams using the usual three dots. We do look at the case, and the reporter, because we know reporting a post can be the real malicious act.
  10. Blogs have to be 100% cruise focussed so we will delete jokes, recipes, tales, cries for help or funding or anything off cruise when we see it or it is reported.
  11. When a question has been answered we may mute further commenting. Just seems sensible.
  12. If someone answers a question with a page from a competitor or suggests a competitor they and the blog will be removed.
  13. If someone is trying to sell tours or cruises, we might remove it and them.
  14. If we see arguments brewing, we might stop further comment to save it inflaming. Posting a discussion that deliberately does that may get you blocked.
  15. If someone wishes to disagree with us or our chosen style, we will remove it and them so they are free to join another group.
  16. If your opinion is we should be different or change something please email or DM us, but you may be on the wrong chat site.
  17. We may take a week or more to respond. Allow those at sea to get wi-fi and time. Not all moderators keep the platform on their mobile device because the traffic from 100,000 uses on over 20 sites can be non-stop.
  18. Our site in English focuses on English speaking cruisers and cruises. This can be, as our ships list, from many countries.
  19. All sites are linked, so being blocked from one site normally takes you off all sites.
  20. No politics, religion, fundraising of any kind, or charity posts.
  21. In vision live chat – this is new and growing. Common sense applies, but assume it is day time somewhere, so all the time children could be on-line. We do not have live rooms.
  22. Private Messaging – is not seen by us nor controlled by us. We would rather that was not done.
  23. For terms of private messaging see Facebook rules and guidelines.

That should mean that the site stays happy, positive and about cruising. We don’t read every blog. We do get to every reported bad blog, eventually. If you think we are slow and it is urgent, email us via the main website. If you wish to help the team, please let us know.

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If you have joined Doris Visits via chat, you have joined a family of things. Expect us to cross advertise, just like the BBC does. (our old friends who trained me 50 years ago!)

Good sailing