Cheers in Boston and a hurricane on route

Just arrived in Boston and been out testing the new camera, the Canon XC15. OK, so it is first run and we have not got the hang of it yet, and we had to stop for a few beers at CHEERS bar. Cheers, the new bar is a rebuild of the original bar, The Bull and Finch Pub, that was here in 1981 and inspired the writers to go off and write the sitcom which is now part of popular modern history. The interiors were obviously shot in a studio build in Los Angeles, but this is the exterior that was used over and over again. The show was nearly canned as the first series failed to gain an audience, it ranked nearly last in the ratings. The show ran from 1982 to 1993 and reached number seven in the charts and is listed as one of NBC’s best all time shows. A staff writer on the show who later joined the production team, David Lawrence Angell was on the first plane to hit the World Trade Centre in 2001.CHAT GROUP – Cruise Canada & the USA Chat – New Group, be one of the first to join and start a thread on your forthcoming or past cruise by number – CLICK HERE TO SHARE & CHAT

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Our main Doris Visits films on Boston will follow, but we thought we would score an early goal putting a short one up just to test the footage of the new camera through FCPX10.3 (edit) which is also new. 


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