C&M ASTORIA and look inside Cruise & Maritime

After sampling a few cruise lines, when you find one you like you normally stay. Cruise & Maritime guests are very loyal, some of you may not have discovered them yet. As a smaller ship experience, they sit almost parallel to Fred Olsen. There new state of the art small ships available and this ship is rumoured to be for sale at an asking price of $12m.

The Astoria is the oldest cruise ship at sea, so it won’t surprise you that is actually an ocean liner. First ordered in 1944 she took four years to build and sailed out in 1948. Back in 2016 CMV announced she was leaving the fleet, but for now, she seems to be staying. They do now say on much of their PR that they are an ever-expanding cruise line. Don’t be surprised if you see her charted by Rivages Du Monde during the summer months.Is this the size of future river cruising?

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