Copenhagen Christmas Market

Copenhagen is the land of fairy tales. We have a film on finding Han Christian Andersen, but here we look at the Christmas market, which in the main is in Nyhavn. That is where Andersen live for over twenty years, see our film on the world famous children’s writer and where to find his footsteps in Copenhagen. Here. The Christmas market is easy to find for all cruisers, because the ships shuttle bus stops outside the theatre just before the main square. In that square, the subject of works on the metro, the Christmas market starts and goes down to the old docks. There are some very different and interesting stalls here, including a blacksmiths. See our film.

We have very many films on Copenhagen. This one is specifically about the Christmas market which does have its own flavour. The blacksmith and the non modern shed stalls were all a nice change. The market stretches into the main square near where the shuttle bus drops you. There are small markets else where, but this is the one to see.

What ever the season you celebrate, have a great time. And for us, the pre-Christmas cruise is always a great one.

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