CORFU – Vido Island cheapest boat trip around

Stand in Corfu, look our to sea and that Island you can see is Vido Island. It is a municipality of Greece in the Ionian sea between Corfu and Albania and is a pleasant 30-minute boat trip allowing you to take photographs of the cruise terminal from a sea perspective, and the Old Town of Corfu. The views alone and the food in the restaurant and swimming in the bay just by the restaurant are all enough to make the 2 Euro trip worth it, But, venture into the bird sanctuary and nature reserve against the music of tree frogs and you will be on a very rugged Durrells adventure away from commercialisation. 

The Marella Discovery 2 uses Corfu as a base port. It is where you fly to pick up the ship. What a great way to start the cruise.

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Some cruisers claim the pheasants and rabbits will eat from your hands, but that is very Durrells and we didn’t have that moment with nature. The waters around the bays are crystal clear and why so many boat trips go there from Corfu. So how is this trip so cheap. It is simple, the municipal boat is the bus that allows locals to visit the war memorial, but openly welcomes cruisers to see the beautiful island.Join your favourite ship’s CHAT & COMMUNITY on Facebook – click here to see ATHENS METRO ATHENS ICE CREAM ATHENS GUIDE ATHENS HORSE+CARRIAGE ATHENS PLAKA CRETE GUIDE THE VERY SPECIAL RHODES ROME DUBROVNIK ZADAR VENICE NIGHT SAIL AWAYThe Serbian Mausoleum is to your right, and that is a good path to start on, we went left which was a more rugged less mapped out adventure. We cut through an old estate and found fantastic bays and fort ruins. We saw the War Memorial last on the way back. The Mausoleum was built in 1930 by the Serbs and Russians to commemorate over 1200 who died. During the First World War, the island of Corfu served as an island hospital and quarantine for sick Serbian soldiers following the epic retreat of the Serbian army. Corfu also took people from Montenegro and Albania in 1915 fleeing the Austro-German-Bulgarian invasion. Sick and dying soldiers were treated on Vido as a quarantine to prevent epidemics. The island had a high fatality rate. Due to the small area of the island and its rocky soil, it soon became necessary to bury the dead in the sea by weighting the corpses with rocks to prevent them from floating. It is thought over 5,000 people were buried at the sea of Vido and to this day Serbs taking a pilgrimage to Vido can be seen throwing flowers into the sea. Find your ship’s chat site + share your pictures + experiences to help others   FRED OLSEN GREEK CRUISE  SAGA new ships in MEDITERRANEAN

The bays are idyllic for holidaymakers, and here are lovely little coves where you can sunbathe alone. But if the rugged paths are too much, just venture across and sit in the tranquil setting of the restaurant looking back at Corfu. Where are you off to? MALTA SICILY VENICE ZADAR DUBROVNIK ISTANBUL MYKONOS SANTORINI CROTONE CORIGLIANO CALABRO RAVENNA ROVINJ RIJEKA ŠIBENIK SPLIT HVAR KOTOR SARANDE CORFU CEPHALONIA ZAKYNTHOS OLYMPIA GYTHIEO ATHENS – PIRAEUS KUSADASI – EPHESUS RHODES CANAKKALE – GALLIPOLI IZMIR BODRUM MARMARIS ANTALYA CEUTA   

 CORFU EXCURSIONS – all more expensive! It is the first of many Greek islands and a gateway to the Greek Island cruises, certainly used by Marella’s Discovery 2 ship that sails from there between June and October with its Aegean Shores, Adriatic ExplorerIconic IslandsAegean Meze, and its Journey to Jamaica starts here as it repositions for the Caribbean. The different itineraries mean you can choose 7, 14, or 21 days. It loads guests flying to Corfu as the Oceana uses Malta.

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QUESTION: If I travel and I am more than 24 weeks pregnant am I technically un-insured and liable for all the bills?

ANSWER: Check with your insurance company and lawyer before you travel, but it appears all the companies say no travel.

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