CRUISE SHIP HEIST tops Amazon book charts

How would you smuggle millions onto a cruise ship? Getting alcohol on is hard enough. In Cruise Ship Heist Ex-special forces Commander Kieron Philips is looking forward to the chance to catch up with his adopted Syrian daughter, a dancer onboard the cruise ship. He quickly realises that there was nothing coincidental about him being on board this specific voyage, and he brings into play the full arsenal of his military background, in order to return the MV Lady Diana to holiday mode. He is about to dive straight into the kind of trouble he thought he had left behind.

Below is a screen grab of the American platform of Amazon, and it was kindly sent to us by a reader. With four million books published a year it is a tough market. Your support and reviews is appreciated.

Winning at the L.A. Neo Noir Festival in Los Angeles started a buzz for Cruise Ship Heist. 5-star reviews from book clubs have started to follow. With 4 million books released each year, it is hard to be recognised at all, but CSH held the top spot in a few Amazon charts more than once between its release in September 23 and Mid December. 

The second draft of Cruise Ship Heist sits as the prequel to the CSCI series. Cruise Ship Crime Investigators is a crime agency that starts in book two (serial Killer) and gains and loses staff from then on. Each book is a different cruise route and is a different story. Each could be a TV series or a film.

Stuart sold his first screenplay, Dream Hunter, to Trimark Studios in Hollywood while he was an in house writer/producer at Fugitive Films. He then rewrote The Scarlet Tunic for Zygi Kamasa (Lionsgate). Many others have followed. 


The official review of the new second draft of Cruise Ship Heist is a glowing 5-star accolade and the book, released on the 26th of August 2023, has been awarded ‘Book of the Day’ on the 29th of August 2023. The revenue from the top American reads.

Following is an official review of “Cruise Ship Heist”(2nd Edition) by Stuart St Paul (2023)

In Cruise Ship Heist by Stuart St Paul, Commander Kieron Philips, a retired military man, was headed to a cruise ship en route to the Panama Canals as a commentator. It was an excellent opportunity for him to see his daughter, Auli’I, a dancer on the ship. At the Airport, Kieron observed many strange things that he couldn’t explain. Getting to the ship, he found himself millions of dollars richer, and there was no end to the strange occurrences that only seemed to get more suspicious. Not one to leave anything up to chance, his eyes and ears were opened, following anything that seemed like a clue as he was determined to get to the root of everything. One thing was then clear to him, neither his presence at the airport at that particular time nor on the cruise ship was a coincidence. Someone had orchestrated everything; he had been chosen for a reason, and he intended to find out why. The plot of the story was complex and had much depth to it; it presented this giant riddle with many unpredictable facets. The story carried intrigue right from when Commander Kieron Philips was introduced at the airport. His character gave off waves of mystery and intrigue with the peculiar situation in which he found himself…  Kieron was the tangy combination of the good cop and the bad cop. He was the guy you wanted in your corner when things got ugly because he wasn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. His character stood out because of his keen eye for foul play, bravery, and kindness. More so, the author gave a lot of insight into Kieron’s thoughts and the complicated mental process of solving the mystery that lived on the cruise ship. Another impressive character was Hunter Witowski, the cruise ship’s head of security. He had a dry humor that belied his tough exterior. He was one character I didn’t expect to like, but he became one of my favorites. The characters’ dialogues were exciting. It was fun to see the wordplay between the characters, especially with Kieron and his sometimes-funny attempts to keep his ‘secrets’ secret. Cruise Ship Heist was action-packed, suffused with danger, murder, and unpredictability. This was one of those stories that would stay with you for a while, as it delivered mystery and intrigue. The book was fun to read; there was no dull moment, and the entire experience was a rollercoaster ride. I enjoyed every part of Cruise Ship Heist. It was professionally edited, and I disliked nothing in it. Therefore, I’d rate it five out of five starsCruise Ship Heist would be appreciated by lovers of mystery and thrillers. NOTE. The two main characters start the agency CSCI, and the series progresses with new characters joining the team.


The second draft has made what was already a great read into a can’t-put-down book, and it has a ‘Book of the Day’ to join the reviews. Help spread the word by reviewing the book on Amazon and chatting about Cruise Ship Heist on any cruise chat group.



Kieron Philips is thrown together with a number of people that will eventually reappear in future books as the agency, CSCI is formed. The same happens in the second book, CRUISE SHIP KILLER. In the third book, the agency has a diverse team. The teleplay of this first book has been written and is now in development. That can take years, but you will see it eventually.

KINDLE on the Smartphone – start reading the series now

How often do you look at your smartphone? I only ask the question because one source suggests people do around 400 times a day. When on transport people are fixed to the screen. If they are wearing headphones they are watching TV or a movie, if they are not, they are reading a book (or newspaper). Your smartphone can store loads of books, and change the font size just as a Kindle does. With the Kindle app on your smartphone it becomes the perfect cruise travel companion.
1. Go to the app store and download the Kindle App.
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The books you have bought can be seen and they can be downloaded to you phone and read whenever.
It might not be possible to purchase books via the Amazon App, especially on a phone. They would prefer you join the club. To get around this open Amazon in a platform like Chrome or Safari. Purchase free or priced books. Go back to the Kindle App and they will be available. Hope this helps.