Cryptic Journey for Pacific Dawn

The Pacific Dawn as you all know her is on a very cryptic journey. The Carnival ship, run by P&O Australia is to be called the MS Satoshi, she is a new ship in new money. When all deals are finalised, the new owner, and colourful character Chad Elwartowski, will be upgrading and doing any repairs needed. His web site is well worth a look if only for the style and luxury offered in his land-based PODS which might be on AirBnB. Seeing those, one wonders what the ship’s luxury apartments might be. Whilst it is not new, he also dreams of a sea platform or an offshore port. To start, the web site is selling shares in the venture, and the use of cryptocurrency seems a clear focus. To that end, all his dealings are currently aimed at being set in Panama where they have no central bank, but we have no confirmation of any deals being done. It is not clear to us who will own the ship, but, he is aiming for a November 5th cruise. Wow, that is a bit soon. We also offer you Business Insiders article about Chad Elwartowski’sattempt to set up a previous autonomous sea community off the coast of Thailand, which the Thai government allegedly destroyed and rumours are of a death sentence there. Needless to say, none of this we know to be fact, and we reproduce the excitement which is unveiling. Please do your own research, but it could be one of our cruise crime novels.

Is it to sell more than the cruising concept. Ocean Builder has a very interesting and fresh approach. These press pictures are from Ocean Builder and there is more information on their web site. We feel a plot for a new novel hatching. Click any picture to go through to see the future and register.














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