CRUISING with DORIS VISITS – The PODCAST – starts 16th October


The first podcast is up and should be wide by the 16th of October 2022

Cruising with Doris Visits the Podcast starts on the 16th of October. The first series has twelve episodes.


The show should be easily searchable soon but has been put up a few days early to try and get a few links recognised between social media platforms from Google to Apple to Spotify. We hope by Sunday the 16th it will be findable and with all the usual publishers.

In the first episode, Jean and Stuart, who …. few if any may know, took over the Steve Wright show on Radio Orwell back in 1979 when he joined Radio 1 … will be chatting cruising. Stuart and Jean met in December 1978 …. where? In pantomime at the Sunderland Empire. Jean was playing the comedy fairy, and Stuart was the breakfast show DJ on Radio Orwell and was in the cast to give sweets out to the children and do the song sheet at the end… remember the days when pantomimes threw sweets out to the children. Nowadays there would be lawyers standing at the side saying, has someone thrown a sweet at you? Have you been hit by a sweet? 

Stuart went from UBN to the back room at Radio 1, but left as he was offered the Breakfast Show on Metro Radio. He then went to Radio Orwell before being offered the plum job as the TV DJ on the soap Radio Phoenix. That was it, video killed the radio star and Stuart went from TV, to film, dabbled in stunts playing the Queen Alien for James Cameron and doing three Bond films, then becoming a screenwriter and award-winning director. The soap opera Emmerdale held him as a consultant to their action from the plane crash he helped design, and for another 26 years. He was so much a part of the bricks and mortar there they had him present a number of the ITV 2 behind-the-scenes shows, and he was interviewed by the likes of Emma Bunting on Too Much TV and sent to a cruise ship to speak on the show. That was it… he was a cruiser…. 

Jean played the character Doris in a web series in which she twice won the New York We Love Soaps number 1 actress award. Doris had a spin-off travel show, and she still presents Doris Visits. The films are ship tours and port guides on the Doris Visits Cruise TV Channel… if you have not subscribed, please pop over and have a look and save, like, feature, or make it a channel on your smart TV with the YouTube app. Jean started in theatre in shows like the Cilla Black Show and went on to gain West End credits as an actress. She has done a lot of film and TV and most of her time is now spent presenting shows and corporate films. She has twice played at the Edinburgh Festival and was in the Edinburgh Film Festival winner – the movie Grass Arena, with Oscar winner Mark Rylance. She has her own one-woman show, Royal Mistresses, which is often seen on ships. Let’s assume that makes them cruisers… more than a few times a year.

They are parents to Luke, and Laura Aikman of Christmas Gavin and Stacey fame and many other roles. She is currently playing Dyan Cannon, in the series about Hollywood star Cary Grant. Laura’s own podcast is called Dream Roles.


In the first episode of Cruising with Doris Visits, they have a short chat with celebrity cruise lecturer and star actor Robert Daws, who you will know from The Royal, Casualty, Coronation Street and Holby City. During the series, other stars and cruise entertainers will be popping up.

Although they have appeared on other people’s TV shows together, they have not done a show together since then …. to save you counting; that is 43 years ago.

A few things have always been at the core of the accidental cruise Doris Visits;

  1. Firstly they both did it because they enjoyed cruising
  2. Secondly, they were to stay independent and never criticise. As they had spent years in the media, watching people destroyed by fake news and wrongful critics, they wanted Doris Visits to be a safe place with no moaning and to see it as it is, and let the guests make up their own minds
  3. Third, and it still stands… the whole venture was not to be for profit. The new T-shirt line has the cruise wear profit meter at T-Mill set to zero … though eventually, that will creep up as at the moment the cruise books pay for the costs and software.

In the series, Jean will visit places and chat with some locals about things that are odd, and that you may have missed, however many times you have cruised. They talk to entertainers and crew about life on the ship and home life. The shows also have other tips and a few surprises.


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