MARELLA VOYAGER – ship tour of the Mein Schiff ship about to move to Marella

Be the first to see the Marella Voyager. At least as it is now. For ship watches, the Marella Voyager to-be is currently sailing as the Mein Schiff Herz, a Century Class ship first launched in 1997. See her position, which is plotted and seen on the main Doris Visits page as we plot every cruise ship at sea. See our main ships and fleet menu above. She joins Marella in June 2023 and sailings are now on sale on the main TUI website.


It will have a facelift before arriving at Marella, as the newest member of the Marella Cruises family. The Voyager’s facilities are going to be fresh out of a new wrapper. It’ll set sail in June 2023 with a bar and restaurant offering that counts up to 10, as well as an indoor cinema, a pool deck – complete with a swimming pool and whirlpools – and a big show lounge.

Built for Celebrity Cruises at the Meyer Werft shipyard in Papenburg, Germany, she was launched as the MV Mercury in 1997. Initially, she was the Mein Schiff 2 and it is not the first time she has been considered for Marella. At 263.8 metres in length, she carries 1912 passengers at double occupancy. Her current home port is in Malta. 

Length: 264 m | Tonnage: 77,302 GRT | Speed: 21.5 knots | Guests: 1,912 | Crew: 780

Internet is currently free as the Herz, in the Internet cafe. 

There’ll be plenty of places where you can take in the sea views, too, from the crazy golf course at the top of the ship to The Veranda, where cosy Balinese beds point towards the big blue.

As cruisers, we might all agree that it’s safer to go on a cruise ship at the moment than on any form of public transport or to a crowded pub or dance hall.



CAN YOU TRAVEL? At the moment, for most cruisers, it is just a paperwork and proof of vaccination nightmare to cruise but there are some changes and here is a broad brush stroke. And, quarantine on return to the UK, currently until a negative test is received which is around or at least two days.

ONBOARD – expect that you might have to be tested several times during your cruise and that your temperature may be taken daily. We understand this happens on some cruises, possibly Viking and others.

BOOSTER – do I need one? When? The answer is a bit like the mess on the passports we have seen. Your ten-year passport runs out ten years after the start date regardless of what it says as an end date. COVID jabs run out. Your NHS app may show and end-by-date. But, as a rule of thumb, there is a time limit on vaccination being adopted and it appears to be 6 months after the last dose. That is the point when a booster may be demanded.

CHILDREN – What happened? The UK is small. America is the world’s largest cruise market, with Dodge Island (Miami) being the centre. It is where I based the office of my Miami Vice-like, UK and American cruise crime-busting duo, for my cozy CSCI mystery series of books. Most cruise ships including Cunard, P&O, Marella and SAGA are at least in part, USA owned. It means what America does, others sometimes use as a benchmark. Over-fives in the US are being offered the Pfizer vaccine. It has made cruising with British children sailing especially in the Caribbean and now in many other places impossible this winter, as the UK are not yet double-vaccinating five-year-olds.

MOBILE PHONE AND APP – Can I travel without some form of digital device? It is getting harder as some cruise lines are adopting both a track and trace as well as booking systems using their own proprietary apps to get access to some venues from theatres to swimming pools, which may be operating at restricted capacity. Some lines like Princess have a digital medallion and on some lines, the cruise card is going in favour of a digital device to open your cabin door. It seems the virus has sped up a digital future.

Health and Travel Insurance and Antigen Tests are being checked. ENTRY REQUIREMENTS are changing daily. Here is your help. We list some cruise travel insurance companies used by guests and some Antigen Test bodies. We advise that you shop around and read ALL the small print, and use insurance and tests appropriate to your travel requirements and contracts that you are entering into. Also, as many countries now demand a double vaccination for all ages this is causing problems with families who have children who are not yet vaccinated. The rules change. The Government online page should be up to date – here is the page for SPAIN.


Cruise Insurance from Just Travel    Over seventies Insurance from Just Travel

Cruise Insurance from StaySure   SAGA cruise insurance   TUI/Marella Cruise Insurance

Government advice country by country

PLF – Passenger Locator Form

This is a form that can be required to enter a country. The UK uses PLF, other countries have their own rules. CHECK CURRENT ADVICE HERE

Expect your cruise operator to check your insurance, and tests so carry multiple copies where possible. Carry your insurance at all times, especially on a port day. A photocopy backup of important documentation is good to have in a second place. Always have any medical card, EU Medical card or European medical card.

Expect insurance companies to ask for your medical records before they payout. It has always been a condition of booking a cruise that you have cruise valid insurance. Booking a cruise means you are entering and agreeing to a contract and the terms and demands.

At Doris Visits we suggest you are correctly insured and that your EHICard (or similar) is up to date. (Yes it has a validity date on!!!)

I intend not to get into an argument with anyone as to the validity of any card, arguments are for barristers to do and judges to rule on. But if you are lifted off a ship, and your partner follows and stays in a foreign hotel while you are in hospital, they may need the EU or equivalent card as they are now in a foreign place. It can get complex. As you leave the hospital and travel home, you may need an EU or similar card. (Similarly, if you are put off a ship after being arrested. Fighting or shoplifting or any crime on a zero-tolerance ship).

There are some modern complications with the card now we are not in the EU. However, we are still in Europe. There is the EHICard. The new UK EHICard and a UK Global Health Insurance Card (UK GHIC).

Press here for the link to take you to the government GLOBAL HEALTH page

Link the box uses is this –

Always expect it can change, you may have to isolate or quarantine, it will most likely be at your cost.

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