Dubai Gold and Spice Souk near the cruise terminal

Dubai is a long way away to be on a short cruise unless you fly cruise. It is on longer cruises but Fred Olsen includes it, the Arcadia does it yearly and the Oceana now has it as a new route going as far as India. Thomson does it with a fly-cruise. See links below. Whichever way you go it is worth it and you will be surprised. The drinking party place of the world now has over 80% of those who live there are ex-pats. A new generation lives, works and plays in Dubai.
The cruise terminal is near the creek and on the immediate side is the Old Textile Souk and Heritage Village. Cross the river and you will be at the Gold and Diamond Souk and the Spice Souk, probably the most famous. But much of Dubai is very easy. If you are a person that does not like to adventure miles from the ship in case you cannot get back, then an organized excursion is best for you or a stroll around these souks. Looking at all our Dubai films will help you choose where you might want to go and how to use the Metro, but the souks near the terminal are still Dubai’s main attraction where you will be tempted into back rooms and offered deals on watches and bags. But, the huge Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world) and the Dubai Shopping Mall with huge Aquarium or the Marina or eating downtown. These are all on the Metro train which can be picked up by the souks. Let us explain.

Dubai Gold and Spice Souks

Gold and Diamonds, Spices and Clothes, Watches and Bags. Your eyes will pop out! That is all near to the terminal. You can see the film here. The gold and spice souk where vendors work hard to sell you things including dragging you upstairs to a private room to show you watches and bags. We walk you through the spice market where we wish you could smell the spices. Start with this film and please share.

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I prefer the old Textile & Fabric Souk that so many speed through to get across the river. Here there are some nice restaurants to be found. One on the creek near the bus station, another above the shops and souks. Visit the Canal on any of the water buses or taxis or walk to the cultural village. There are ticket offices along the bank of the creek who will explain the boat tickets. Some are like water buses where you can buy a multi-ticket, some are private operators and tour operators. If you are on a ship, then the above is more than enough to see in the hours in port. The boat on the creek is nice, once, but it is almost the cleanest, most attractive and arty metro in the world!

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However, if staying overnight, use our Tour Get You Guide widget to explore what is available as well as our many films. We have ten films on Dubai! Dining out can be hit or miss especially on the boats, try and get a recommendation from someone who has done one recently. If you have time inspect a few dining ships in the evening before they leave. If you are staying overnight see our hotel widget. Want a quick overview of what to do and what not to do in Dubai, then look here – don’t get arrested for holding hands!

Don’t be afraid of the very easy Metro, and you can buy upper-class tickets.

Dubai offers a number of other opportunities that can easily be found by Metro. There are two Aqua and Water Parks, one on the Metro near Medical village on the route out to the mouth of the Creek, and AquaVenture at the Atlantis which you can also use the Metro to travel to. Atlantis offers hotel rooms, spas, a skateboard park and so much more it is a holiday centre. The Marina is a day out by itself, walking around and taking a boat tour, and then walking to the beach as they are adjacent. A long walk further down from the beach will bring you to the Madinat which is a playground of bars and restaurants. Take a look at our other films.

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