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Emergency codes used on a cruise ship

Emergency codes used on a cruise ship
Some codes you might hear on a cruise ship, or not, hopefully ….

Our fav code is Winnie – Operation Winnie. It basically means clean the pooh in the children’s pool – allegedly from the Disney Cruise line. There is no confirmation of this.
30 – 30 – Clean up required (Or PVI see below or combination of both)
Alpha – a medical emergency
Bravo – is a fire emergency
Bravo Bravo Bravo – man overboard (some suggest Oscar is used) – the side or rear of the ship may follow.
Bright Star – death or medical emergency
Charlie, Charlie, Charlie – security threat.
Code Adam – missing child (named after Adam Walsh)
Cold Alpha or Alpha Team – medical emergency (detail will follow with teams required)
Code Baby Ruth – faeces in the baby pool
Code Bravo – fire (place would follow)
Code Delta – Is a big one – damage to the ship – and might have detail to follow and teams called.
Code Orange – Colours are used for illness outbreak – so, orange is early stages of norovirus infection – (There may be following orders like close pools or buffet – see red below)
Code Oscar – man overboard
Code Papa – pollution (oil spill, etc)
Code Red – illness has broken out, normally norovirus
Code Yellow – is a lesser illness alert.
Code Sierra – medical emergency needing a stretcher
Code Winnie – faeces in the pool (Disney)
Echo – the ship is drifting, often caused by strong winds
Fallen Star – death
Kilo – all personnel to report to their emergency posts
Mr Mob – some use to indicate a passenger or crew member has fallen overboard
Operation Bright Star – a medical emergency
Operation Rising Star – a passenger has died onboard
Oscar – is a reference to someone falling overboard
Papa – oil spill or pollution
Priority 1 – fire (Cunard)
Priority 2 – the ship is taking in water
PVI – public vomiting incident
Red Parties – Potential fire onboard
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