Cruise Route – Norwegian Fjords, huge ship sailing between mountains

A Fjords cruise is Epic! This film shows a typical Fjords in just a few minutes. Ideal starter.

A fjord is a deep, narrow, elongated freshwater lake reflecting the sun like a mirror. Draining into the sea, the fresh water eventually mixes with seawater. Some of the best films we have collected of individual Fjords in our Doris Visits Fjords (Norway, Iceland, Greenland) menu are truly epic drone films. Why epic, many stops offer helicopter tours at hundreds of pounds, the drone shows you here on Doris Visits.  But what is it like? Here is the answer – a short tight film explaining a cruise between fjords with super quick tasters of a couple of typical stops. Take a look and please share. After, you may wish to know more detail of the destinations, what is there, what the tours look like. Go back to the menu, we have some great films that show you that and you can check them later and discuss possibilities with friends.

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What to expect on a Fjords cruise. The guests are a more international mix as people flock from all over the world to see these amazing sites. At one end of the ship, classical music will probably play as you sip a cocktail, sailing between mountains you could almost reach out and touch as the sun drops. Just like those old Jason and Argonauts and Hercules movies. There are normally four stops in seven days and at least one formal night (sea crossing out). The sea crossing home is normal casual as you will have packed. This is something special, something majestic and peaceful, huge yet serene. The video will give you a rundown of the cruise, the route, the week.

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What you need: can vary because you might hike, walk, kayak. A roll away raincoat is good for the pocket or bag, if you have a pack-a-mac from a big bus tour that is ideal. You can experience four seasons in a day. The usual, hat, sun cream and water – plus grab and go as Norway can be expensive. Local currency.

The Cruise: After leaving the UK there will be a day sailing across the North Sea. This is very likely to be a Black Tie night, the entertainment will be good and the fine dining restaurants busy – you will need to book on this cruise. On day two you will arrive at a gateway town, either Stavanger, Haugesund or Bergen. All in our Fjords destination menu. The next day you will head further north. Norway is quite religious and conservative, so Sundays can see much closed.

In Stavanger, the old town is the best place to start, well covered on our STAVANGERmovie. The tip here – there can be a queue to get back on the ship at lunchtime, especially if it rains. The old town is very pretty, our film on STAVANGER is very worth a watch.

Day two is often FLAM, which is maybe the adventure centre of the Fjords. Much to do, buzzy and busy, organised and friendly, this is the place to hire an electric talking tourist car for two (small people with driving license), hike or kayak.

OLDEN is often on Day three and it is a small village. Olden has a population of only 500 people, which is about 40% of the size of the cruise ship Azura‘s crew and as many children as were in the passenger section on board. It is a time to walk and relax.

Bergen will see a few ships as it is bigger. It is where the cabaret acts gather in bars near the fish market. Where Jon Fisher, the foremost Gary Barlow tribute act, met Tony Lewis, the Robbie Williams tribute who were on different ships, and our film on Bergen includes comedian Manuel Martinez trying Whale meat.

It can rain at all of these stops. The ones inside the fjords have been mostly sunny for us and the gateway towns always rain at some point. Be prepared for hot and cold. So the trip is the same, the glory of the Fjords, cut by nature during the ice age. Click on any of the boxes below to see what we have on that Fjords stop.


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