Freeport – Bahamas

Freeport is not the most exciting port in the Bahamas, best to watch the film and see what is there. It is a working container port and a port that refurbishes cruise ships. There is one ship being worked on in this film, anyone got any ideas on which? The port has a lively bar and many guests go no further and have a great time. 

The town is actually a business town with little if no history, and nothing to see, so they say; so the buses to town actually go to a shopping city with many bars and a marina where there is also a dolphin show. It gets lively from midday. The beach is a short walk from there and the film shows you the way and how to find the rather hidden access. Again, from midday, there is normally a BBQ with beers sold at the beach entrance. It is very nice for walking on the sand. It is all in the film, from the port bars to the bus queue to the shopping city, to the beach.

Ships calling on their flag countries of Bermuda and the Bahamas are routinely visited by drug-sniffing dogs. The laws of those countries allow them to board the ship and inspect for drugs without warrants.

The Bahamas is the setting for the mystery thriller Cruise Ship BLOOD DIAMONDS.

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